By on January 9, 2012

You’re looking at the Q3 Vail. Named in honor of a place where the self-important meet for a little apres-ski, the “Vail” features a butched-up body kit and all sorts of technical details that, let’s face it, have nothing to do with the Q3 your mom will end up asking you about leasing in six months. More photos from Zerin Dube of Speed:Sport:Life after the jump.

Audi also showed an A4 facelift which does nothing to injure the looks of the car and will easily identify the people who are driving the newest model. Isn’t that what a facelift is for?

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10 Comments on “NAIAS: Audi Q3 And Facelifts...”

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    Other Q3 ski names!

    Q3 Purgatory
    Q3 Beaver Creek
    Q3 Mary Jane
    Q3 Big Squaw
    Q3 Blandford
    Q3 Suicide Six
    Q3 Steamboat

    It looks like a Subaru with an Audi grille!

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    But it’s missing the hood scoop…
    And I guess it’d be too low-class to make an A-Basin version.

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    The Q3 will look good in Aspen, CO – as well.

    One problem, the nearest dealer is near I-70 in Glenwood Springs, which means traveling over hill, over dale for service.

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    Domestic Hearse

    Uh-oh. I kinda want an A3 in diesel form. But I’m now lumped into my mom’s demographic? Just because I’d like an economical, decent driving wagon? Say it ain’t so.

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    It like an old school Subie Forester with a swish interior, an outrageous price tag and probably higher repair bills.

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    I actually like the Q3V…although the poor choice in model name is more GM then Audi. And the A4 needs more then another squinty-eyed facelift to remedy the bland styling that has befallen the A4-A7 lineup lately.

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    Is is me, or the Q3 looks like the previous generation Impreza hatch?

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    Q3 – the A4 Allroad cannibal.

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    Considering the styling of Audi’s in recent years, this is nice and I like that hatchback quite well, of course, red always makes a car look great.

    That said, a nice, modern design that doesn’t seem to sport an overwrought grill design. A nice change IMO.

    Not that I’m going to buy an Audi mind you but this is nice none the less.

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    I’m curious as to the timing for the North American release. The Q3 announcement all but puts the nail in the A3 Sportback coffin here in North America, sadly.

    One thing to keep in mind- the current Q3 will ride on the existing Golf VI platform while the new A3 is to be the first of the MQB product from Volkswagen. There will likely be very significant differences between the two as a result.

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