By on January 16, 2012

Tomorrow evening I will have the joy of finally meeting my alter ego here at TTAC. None other than the ‘King of Swing and the Purveyor  of All Things Panther’,  Sajeev Mehta.

We will be meeting at Henry’s Louisiana Grille in Acworth, Georgia along with past and future contributors Megan Benoit and Frank Williams. There is an auto auction not too far away from the restaurant so who knows? Perhaps Sajeev will find a nice Crown Vic Police Interceptor and pocket the proceeds from his flight back to Houston.

So do you like Cajun? Live anywhere around Atlanta? If you do our invitation is open. 7:00 P.M. Feel free to email an RSVP at .

Note: The high tech photography in this article originated from swtorstrategies. com.  So sue me!


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8 Comments on “Meet, Greet & Eat: Southern Style...”

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    Can’t make it, but it sure sounds like fun :)

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    I can imagine this conversation now.

    Sajeev: Hey, some guy wrote in asking if any Japanese company ever made a 2 cylinder, air cooled FWD car or if I had a recommendation for one as it would be his ultimate dream car.

    Steven: You obviously told him about the Honda N600 didn’t you?

    Sajeev: Hell now, I told him to get a Panther!

    Steven: I’m thirsty, what do they have on tap here?

    Sajeev: I’d recommend Panther Piss. The recipe was developed 30 something years ago, it’s not very good, but I drink it by the gallon daily. I just can’t get enough of it.

    Steven: How about something a little lighter, maybe an exotic import of some kind?

    Sajeev: You gotta go with the Panther Piss. Even though it has sat in a vat for 30 years and it’s skunked out and out of date, you still have to try it. It’s all I drink.

    Stay tuned for the conclusion!

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    Do significantly less people read this website than I realized?

    As an Atlanta dweller, by first thought was, “No way they would tell people where they are meeting, there must be hundreds of the ‘Best and Brightest’ around these parts.”

    Maybe not.

    Or maybe, unlike the lemming hordes who lust for a Bieber/Kardashian sighting, those of us who may want to meet the esteemed writers of this impressive website have other things to do on a Tuesday night, rather than drive 45 minutes north of the city to meet perfect strangers.

    Or maybe not.

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    I seriously doubt we are famous enough to mob this restaurant. Go ahead and prove us wrong, feed my gigantic ego.

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    I can’t believe that you aren’t meeting in Panthersville, GA. I’m starting to question your level of commitment to the cause…,_Georgia

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    Heh, I’d love to find out first hand what serves as inspiration for all of the ‘Panther Love’ around here. Unfortunately my kid has a school event tonight ITP so I guess I’ll have to wait and wonder.

    Have fun and post pics!

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