By on January 26, 2012

Two weeks ago, Bertel stole from me we brought you the very first pictures of the China-only RUF XL, a Porsche Panamera stretched by 40 centimeters exclusively for the limousine-orientated Chinese car market. The story has since been all over the internet.

Today, I present you the first pictures of the interior. This Porsche sure looks like a comfortable place to smoke a cigar, play with your second and/or third wife and to tell the driver to take it easy, or to go like stink.

Clearly a high-quality conversion. RUF for sure ain’t no in-the-shed operation. Still, I am a bit disappointed by the lack of TV-screens. This needs to be improved.

A huge center console runs all the way to the back. It just misses the gimmicks. Wine-cooler? I don’t see any. Advanced controls for the stereo? Nope. Spittoon? Neither. Without these extras, it is only a stretched Panamera and not much more.


Dutchman Tycho de Feyter runs, a blog about cars in China, from Beijing, China. He also collects die-cast models of Chinese cars.


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