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BMW is said to be planning a new minivan-esque competitor to the Toyota Prius V, dubbed the i5. We like the name given to it in the original Autobild story; Neuer Elektro-Van.

Given the gap between the diminutive i3 city car and the i8 sports car, the i5 seems like a logical bride between the two. Autobild’s rendering suggests that it won’t be a stodgy, van like vehicle, but a slightly enlarged 1-Series hatchback as far as looks go. The i5 should seat 5, and offer a 170 horsepower electric drivetrain. A 3-cylinder gasoline range extender is also said to be in the works.

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8 Comments on “BMW Planning “Neuer Elektro-Van” Prius V Competitor...”

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    BMW & Prius in the same sentence? I know which one I’d rock. I loved the BMW e-lineup at the LA Autoshow
    Thank you TTAC!

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      Pretty sure how much money you feel like spending on a car largely determines that. I’d probably rock the Prius V just because it’s likely going to be cheaper by a significant amount.

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    If it looks like the rendering, it’s gonna sell, IMO. I wonder if BMW is gonna start styling their mainline vehicles like their i vehicles in the future, because they’ve taken the current design language about as far as it can go.

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    If it isn’t priced like the Prius V then it won’t be a competitor of the Prius V.

    BMW doesn’t sell anything cheap (even if it is).

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    Volt 230

    yeah, just try to match the Prius in reliability, good luck!

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    Da Coyote

    I must admit that BMW may successfully excape the “Bangugly” motif with that machine. Heck, I’d even consider purchasing one – IF – they’d get the reliability better than the BMW 325 I owned.

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    I hope BMW is as successful and groundbreaking with the new i vehicles as they were with cars like the 2002. I’m also glad to see an electric drivetrain with some decent HP for once (though with electric motors, we all know its about teh torquez)!

    The perception of reliability will definitely change as we substitute weaknesses and failure modes of the ICE+transmission with those of an electric drivetrain. We have already coined the first term: range anxiety.

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    You thought it stopped at the 5GT

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