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  • Re: Ferrari May Follow FCA Out Of Italy For Fiscal Reasons

    psarhjinian - “Milan Bicocca University professor of public finance Ugo Arrigo said the move would show investors and companies alike that the...
  • Re: Junkyard Find: 1991 Chrysler Imperial

    v8corvairpickup - 14″ wheels, today a car in this class will have… 19″ wheels?
  • Re: Junkyard Find: 1991 Chrysler Imperial

    Lie2me - The car that proved there was no limit to how far a “K” Car platform could be stretched, but to call this thing an “Imperial” was an...
  • Re: VW Inches Closer To Badly Needed Crossover

    John Williams - “Makes no sense” seems to be VWofA’s M.O. The simplest thing for VW to do would have been to strive for Toyota-like reliability...
  • Re: Cadillac Exec: “No Petrolheads Need Apply”

    Vulpine - Oldsmobile was dying long before they brought the P&G marketers in simply because they had stopped making cars their user base wanted....
  • Re: Review: 2014 Chrysler 300 V6

    John - Would I go Chrysler over Honda or Toyota? Heh, heh – people funny boy. Tried that once – never again.
  • Re: Review: 2014 Chrysler 300 V6

    319583076 - I’m with danio – the 2nd gen is a much better looking car than the 1st. The LA Auto Show pics of the 2015 refresh looked even better to these eyes.
  • Re: Review: 2014 Chrysler 300 V6

    theupperonepercent - The original 300 and Charger could have been named anything and they’d still sell. Very big cars for big people and big families. Unfortunately for...
  • Re: Loaner Car Review: 2015 Audi A3 (1.8T)

    guardian452 - I really like every bose 901 system I’ve heard. They are different, but in a good way. I wouldn’t trade my focal speakers for them, but if...
  • Re: Review: 2014 Chrysler 300 V6

    energetik9 - Haven’t driven the 2015, but as these are common in car rental fleets, I’ve driven previous versions. Glad to see the UConnect is improved. I always...

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