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FordInsideNews reports

According to two independent sources within FoMoCo, FIN has learned that Lincoln has killed off plans for the MkC. Instead, Lincoln will focus all compact energies upon their new CUV, which is internally named the MkD. According to one source, Ford feared that the MkC would cannibalize sales of the larger MkZ sedan… According to a source who has seen the “MkD,” the Escape based CUV sports a design that is more of a tall hatch rather than a traditional CUV. When it comes to interior dimensions, it will be slightly less than that of the Escape

OK, let’s get this straight: a Focus-based “MKC” competes with the MXZ but a next-gen Escape-based CUV doesn’t compete with the MKX? It’s good to see Lincoln trying to focus its efforts, but it’s hard to say that a reborn Mercury Mariner is the place to be focusing. Meanwhile, this wasn’t the only spooky news coming out Ford’s struggling luxury brand over Halloween weekend…

FIN adds:

According to a separate Ford supplier source, the 2013 Lincoln MkZ has been pushed back yet again. Originally scheduled to launch in the first quarter of 2012, and then for June 2012, the MkZ is now set to arrive in late 2012. The all-new 2013 Ford Fusion is supposedly still on track for a mid-2012 launch.

Two delays and in danger of competing with a Focus-based Lincoln… does this sound like the car that will revive Lincoln’s flagging fortunes? No? Luckily it doesn’t have to be: there’s a real flagship coming! Maybe.

FIN has been able to confirm with two independent sources that Ford is considering the development of a Lincoln flagship sedan. Both sources state that the car under consideration would be rear-wheel drive and be the pinnacle of Ford’s technology prowess. One source suggested the car would reside on a heavily modified variant of the Mustang platform.

Wait, were the phrases “heavily modified Mustang platform” and “pinnacle of Ford’s technology prowess” just used in the same paragraph? That’s it, I’ve got to stop reading the fanboy sites…

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23 Comments on “Wild-Ass Rumor Of The Day: Lincoln Drops Compact Car To “Focus” On Compact CUV...”

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    who cares about what Lincoln’s focus or lack thereof. Check out Murilee’s latest installment of the IMpala from Hell! And the first, if you missed it, where you can find Murilee’s performance art piece, Our Friend the Carburetor. That, my friends, is worth the price of admission.

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    Guess you were right about that billion dollars not getting them far.

    But if there’s going to be a compact Lincoln, it should be a RWD compact aimed at the 3-Series (like the ATS)…not a reskinned FWD compact with extra plush (like the Verano).

    Clearly there wasn’t enough money for that and this CUV.

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    Given the negative press that came with the launch of the MyFord Touch and MyLincoln Touch systems, as well as the tuning of the Focus Powershift gearbox that wasn’t to everyone’s tastes, I’d rather see the next-gen MKZ be delayed so that every detail is perfect at launch than get it a little bit sooner but have some rough edges.

    As far as the death of the MK-C concept goes – good riddance. I have yet to have a potential Lincoln customer ask me if we have anything smaller than the MKZ. Crossovers are very hot right now. If Audi (Q3/Q5/Q7), BMW (X1/X3/X5) and Mercedes (GLK/ML/GL) can split the CUV/SUV market three ways there is likely a business case for it.

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      I bet it would cannibalize the Fusion and Focus Titanium, too. I just can’t imagine anyone clamoring for a premium compact with a geriatric nameplate. It would further devalue a brand that’s on thin ice as it is. There’s a solid market for the rest of Lincoln’s products, but not this.

      Oddly enough, Buick didn’t have such trepidation with the new Verano. I guess the Malibu wasn’t adequately filling the gap between the $23,000 Cruze LTZ and $26,000 Regal. Does the General really need 6 different 5-passenger sedans in the $20-$30k range?

      Also, as a Lincoln dealer, I really hoping you’re chewing out your Ford reps for that stupid “MK_” naming scheme at every possible opportunity. That can’t possibly be making sales any easier.

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      Nullo, I agree with most of your comment. Ford can’t afford another stumble like MFT. Perfecting the car is more important than simply getting it to market. Also, there is probably more opportunity/proffit in CUVs.

      I somewhat disagree with you on the compact Lincoln, though. It’s a case of meeting current demand versus matching/shaping future markets.

      The trend towards the compact segment is real. I believe that there is a desire for higher-end cars. (The new Focus grabs some of that market.) Lincoln needs new, younger customers. Lexus recognized this & released the CT200h. I understand they are selling well (considering earthquake production set-backs, etc.). The same goes for Buick.

      I considered the CT200h (it’s TOO small); I’ll consider the Buick, and I would consider a Lincoln compact if they made one. Are there enough people like me to justify building it? I don’t know, but since I know Licoln doesn’t have one, that’s why you’ve never seen me in your dealership asking about one.

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    Who bothers to even try keeping up with their MK-whatever nonsensical nomenclature? That alone must be killing them?

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    The next generation of the Mustang (from which this Lincoln will likely be derived) is supposed to have an independent rear axle. Apart from the rear axle, where is the Mustang platform particularly Jurassic? It’s not like the 5.0 still uses pushrods or anything (looking at you CTS-V). Regardless, the quote was “the pinnacle of Ford’s technology prowess” which really just means “the best Ford can do” not “the most high tech car in the world.”

    Anyway, the Falcoln-to-Mustang-in-reverse idea to make a 4 door halo sedan out of the best parts of the modern Mustang platform is so obvious and makes so much sense it’s probably just wishful thinking.

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    I really, really, REALLY wish Lincoln would do an S-class already. Everyone knows Cadillac won’t/can’t.

    It kills me.

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    I’m surprised that they wouldn’t base a flagship on the Australian Falcon. RWD, with IRS, and it can take a variety of engines, including the new Coyote V8.

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    “MkD”. Really? Really. Nobody at Ford has a problem with that? Why not just call it the “Mickey D” and sell it with a hamburger?

    The time to jump into the luxury CUV market was back when BMW and Acura had the pie to themselves with mediocre products. That’s when the iron was hot. The RX300 was such a smash hit for Lexus because there was the ML320 which was HORRIBLE, and basically nothing else.

    The RDX is still mediocre with the added benefit of being hideous, but BMW now has a considerably improved second gen product, and you’ve also got Mercedes, Audi, Volvo, Infiniti, and Land Rover.

    Lincoln is certainly not going to beat any of those guys with exterior styling, and there’s no way they can catch the interior quality of the Evoque, the performance of the Q5, or the power of the X3 turbo. So.. why does this thing sell, again?

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    Lincoln is becoming the new Mercury.

    In the next ten years, I expect Ford to be the only brand left standing in the FoMoCo domestic portfolio.

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    Of course they making a CUV, because everyone loves CUVs. Now the RWD thing – they should be all over that. To me Lincoln means one thing: BIG – like Town Car big. A compact car is stupid for Buick and its stupid for Lincoln. And while another CUV is boring I’m sure it will be an easy sell to soccer moms.

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    Oh nooooo. Lincoln has had that C concept car bouncing around for a while. It was on display at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance in 2010. It was not one of the more d’Elegant things there. In person, it looks like someone under the influence of various controlled substances attempted to design a Lincoln version of a Scion xB or maybe a Nissan Cube, only he had to stretch the body out in a couple directions at the last minute because the wheels were too big and too far apart. Eww.

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    Rod Panhard

    They oughta make a convertible, but since it’s a Lincoln, they could call it a “runabout,” like a classic boat. It could be called the MkRb.

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    Hey, Buick hired the Renault Megane Designers!

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    Ford should make unique cars as Lincolns and quit the rebadging game that killed Mercury, and most of GM off. Even Chrysler figured this out years ago when Plymouth went away.
    If GM can recreate Cadillac as a brand with unique identity then so can Ford. Or they can be content to sell ordinary cars and trucks and leave the luxury market to others.

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    “Wait, were the phrases ‘heavily modified Mustang platform’ and ‘pinnacle of Ford’s technology prowess’ just used in the same paragraph?”

    Lincoln Continental Mark VII anyone??

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