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With Hyundai’s Genesis being handily outsold by the updated Mustang and Camaro, we’ve been expecting Hyundai to update its rear-drive sports coupe… and here is the first official fake image of the new look to fool us into thinking it was official. As expected, the new GenCoupe sports the new family front end, and a more sculpted hood. With more power from its updated V6 engine, expect the new-look Genesis to take the fight back to the Detroit muscle cars… especially when it’s joined in the Hyundai stable by a more performance-oriented Turbocharged version of the Hyundai Veloster.



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28 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: (Fake) Genesis Coupe Facelift Edition...”

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    Stick a crosshair design in the upper slot instead of the Hyundai chrome “wings” and this looks almost exactly like the grille design of the new Dodge Caliber sedan replacement.

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    bumpy ii

    I like it. Big question is whether or not it gets the updated Sonata/Optima turbo 4.

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    What’s wrong? It’s not the hypothetically better-looking KIA version.

    EDIT: I guess the KIA version may be coming, and it looks really good:

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    Word on the street is the turbo 4 banger from the Sonata will be dropped into the 2.0T coupe and the V-6 will get around a 45hp power bump.

    Take it FWIW.I can’t comment on the “reliability” of my sources.

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    Ugh. The emperor has no clothes.

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    I’d bet most people buying Camaros and Mustangs are buying them for the retro kick as much as the big coupe aspect, and the lack of a V8 isn’t going to do the Genesis coupe any favors, either. I really think this should have been in the same size category as the new Toyota/Subaru. Think of how big a head start Hyundai would have if they’d built the coupe to that scale rather than chase the Mustang.

    At first glimpse that grille logo with wings looks a lot like Subaru, as well. Without the benefit of scale that’s what I thought it was.

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    They succeeded in making it ugly. I understand what they are trying to do with the Veloster and this, but I think they are going to fall into the trap of the Subaru nose that hurt them so badly.

    Put this nose on the Sonata, and I don’t think they get half the buyers they have already.

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    The current design is quite elegant by comparison… Whew that sucker is anything but tasteful in my opinion. I wonder how it will look with different color combinations. I understand the drive to be unique, but this guy will probably be refreshed soon after they figure out that this approach will only bring a specific demographic. I doubt it will age well either.

    Its like they looked at the MazdaSpeed 3 and said, “I wish I could take that separated smiling front frill and kick it until it smiles just a bit less.”

    EDIT: Now that I look at it a second and third time: Squint your eyes and image the bottom 2-3 bars of that grill gone. That car has potential for sure. I know if I had one that is what I would do to simplify the busy front end and keep the aggressive look.

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    I think it looks better, more agressive. That’s really what was missing in the first place. It was a little too bland and copy-cat looking. This makes it stand out a little more in my mind. I think the Mustang looks a little too reserved in the current form as well. These are supposed to be sports cars, they should look agressive, like when you step on the pedal they should try to rip your sack off. I guess the only problem is now it really looks like a G37.

    I agree with the logo looking like a Subaru at first glance. I thought it was an early shot of the FT-86 Subaru at first.

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    The dreaded plastichrome window trim has arrived.

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    M.S. Smith

    I kind of like it. The Genesis Coupe is Hyundai’s muscle car stand-in, and now it finally looks the part, unlike the first version that was okay but looked a bit like the front was made out of melted wax.

    It’s still not great, though, and the more aggressive and … edged front may look a bit weird on the car if they did nothing to the rear at all.

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    John R

    It is a little busy. However, the chances of the Tau V8 Gen Coupe went from nil to 50/50 since Rhys Millen put out this 450hp bad boy:

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    Put me in the minority who likes it. Sort of like an Asian interpretation of a Muscle Car.

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    Regardless of looks, kudos for Hyundai for keeping this genre alive for the Asian brands. Ahem, Honda & Toyota……..

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    I actually found the Genesis coupe quite a little charmer the first time around. An updated look and some power are always nice but I am hoping for the following fixes which prevented me from signing on the dotted line:

    1. More rear tire please. The existing model doesn’t nearly have enough rubber at the back making more power more of an exercise in drifting than faster progress (not there is anything wrong with that).

    2. Interior needs a quality upgrade. At least make it as nice as the Veloster.

    3. Assembly quality needs to match that of the four door Genesis.

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    A little Ford-like in the front, isn’t it?

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    This is a nice update. Only beef is they didn’t get rid of the swoop under the rear windows.

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    Jalopnik now says they’ve been contacted by Hyundai: It’s a fake.

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    PJ McCombs

    I’m digging the looks of the fake above–the less pointy nose and GT-R-ish grille gives it more of a beefy, Korean-muscle-car look.

    Anyway, it would really surprise me if Hyundai screwed this refresh up. Though I’m not totally wild about the Veloster, I can’t think of a single unattractive car they’ve released in the last couple of years.

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    Whenever I see a Genesis Coupe, I think:

    “That economy car from the 90s sure has odd proportions….”

    The Genesis Coupe is a styling disaster. It looks too much like a TIburon (or even a Mistubishi Eclipse) that has been lowered and widened. That is not a good thing.

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    ” expect the new-look Genesis to take the fight back to the Detroit muscle cars ” Oh boy…. Thanks for the morning laugh!

    That is one big step backwards in design. Lets track the sales numbers “down the road” of that front end bottom feeding carp with multiple ugly protrusions, and see who’s right.

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