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The last time we posted a photo of the forthcoming Genesis Coupe facelift, we soon found that Hyundai Motor America staff were quietly informing other blogs that it was a photoshopped fake. I inserted a warning into the post, cursed myself for having been had, and moved on. So, how do I know these pictures are real? Probably because they come from the URL (the leaked (non-press) shots are from, and don’t look as though they could possibly be faked). It turns out that Hyundai is showing off the new coupe to either drift fans or ice skating aficionados (Google Translate is hilariously unhelpful with Korean) this Saturday at something called the Chonnam National Yeongam F1 Speed ​​Festival. Hyundai will “officially” show the car to the American market a week later at the LA Auto Show… at the earliest. More likely, Hyundai will continue to pretend that this car doesn’t exist until January, at the Detroit show. And they’d have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for those meddling internets!

[H/T: Our man in Korea, Walter Foreman]


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34 Comments on “These 2013 Hyundai Genesis Pictures Are As Real As They Come...”

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    Too much Veloster. But then they might be trying to make that the new “family face” for Hyundai.

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      Which is okay, as long as they don’t smack the Genesis sedan with that face. This design looks okay on the Elantra and less so on the Accent. It’s awful on the Sonata. On the Genesis it’d be a crime.

      It’s a nice looking car, leave it alone.

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    M.S. Smith

    I really hate Hyundai’s styling.

    The Sonata is awesome. The Elantra looks like a Sonata that got punched in the face. The Accent looks like an Elantra that got punched in the face several times. The Veloter looks like an Accent that also had its face mauled by a cheese grater.

    And this? It supposed to be aggressive, but instead it just reminds me of the knots that form on trees. Gnarled, knobby, and gross.

    I wish the Genesis was a Kia. That design language would look so much better on a sports car.

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      I really hate Hyundai’s styling.

      Agreed 100%. I am especially not fond of the swoopy creases they put along the sides, with the Sonata being public enemy #1. Their front ends look like a blob of clay that someone has smashed and dragged their fingers through. It’s hard for me to admit it, but I think their styling is worse than Mazda’s smiley faces.

      This one isn’t as bad as their others, IMO, but it doesn’t excite or interest me at all.

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      Kia has already shown the 4-door “coupe” GT concept design which may go into production and early next year will show a 2-door coupe concept design which will be smaller than the GenCoupe and be powered by 4-cyl powerplants (if this goes into production – would be the FT-86 competitor).

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    I actually like the face, provided those nostrils are real and not just poseur bling. That said, what really concerns me is the heart: have they upgraded the 2.0T to the Sonata/Optima 270+ horsepower motor or is it still the underwhelming 210ish motor?

    • 0 avatar

      Hasn’t it already been reported that they’re upgrading both engines?

      • 0 avatar

        I’ve heard rumors of that but then I’ve read other rumors that say no.


        “Hyundai’s Genesis coupe will receive the same 333-hp, 291-lb-ft 3.8-liter V-6 engine that the company recently announced is headed for the Genesis sedan…Speaking of which, in spite of the outstanding 274-hp turbo four offered in the Sonata turbo, the four-cylinder Genesis coupe will probably soldier on with its current 210-hp engine.”

        I almost forgot: they need to give it a telescoping steering wheel while they’re at it.

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    As it turns out, Google translate did a pretty good job! The Genesis coupe launching event is for drift fans AND ice skating aficionados. Here’re the details (my translation):

    The New Genesis Coupe
    With an autograph session with Kim Yuna

    You’re invited the the launching of the new Genesis coupe.

    When: Saturday November 12 at 12:00
    Where: Yeongam Formula 1 circuit
    Program: The New Genesis Coupe launching show, car introduction by figure skater Kim Yuna, vehicle performance introduction and drift show, new vehicle display and test drive event, free motorsports preview

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      I was going to say that I wouldn’t be surprised that the Korean word for “drifting” and “figure skating” were one and the same. Both activities require a tremendous amount of skill and (dare I say) athletic ability, like a real sport, but neither are real sports because you’re judged on style not by objective things like lap times, speed, points scored against an opponent.

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    Major interior upgrades. They were clearly stung by criticism of the original interior.

    The face might not be beautiful, but it works better than many other recent attempts at a big-grilled-corporate face (Acura, Audi, Ford). And the original GC’s grille was hopelessly generic.

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      I’d agree with the statement about the original grill being generic. I’d also agree with the idea about big corporate face working better on this car than others, too. I like it.

      I’m not the market for this car, but if one fell in my lap, I don’t think I’d be unhappy.

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    LOL nice try Hyundai. Still nobody cares about this crappy car. Its not a Mustang, Camaro, 370Z, etc. It is just a desperate attempt to clone them with nothing unique to distinguish it except a bizarre window line from the side. BTW nice nostrils, very classy. Just needs window louvers to complete the look.

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    I’m surprised how negatively this car is being received on TTAC. I really like the new styling, and the interior seems to have gotten the updates it deserved, provided there is a telescoping steering wheel now.

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      Apart from the rear quarter windows, which I’ve never understood, I like the look of the Genesis coupe. A car like this is supposed to look dramatic. I think the styling will wear longer on this than on the Sonata/Elantra/Accent.

    • 0 avatar

      The exterior looks ugly to many people. That isn’t going to work well on a sports coupe which has a lot to do with looks.

    • 0 avatar

      That, plus no manual with the GT package killed this for me. I want all features, all options, with the engine and transmission of my choice. FWD be damned, the V6 Accord Coupe met my list of features, and it’s what I’m driving now.

      The Genny is a beautiful car, but I refuse to make concessions.

      • 0 avatar

        Package restrictions are a completely different issue and I agree, the limited manual choices are more and more frustrating, especially when the rest of the world still rows their own.

      • 0 avatar

        Fewer and fewer people are opting for manuals, even in Europe, and there’s more models that are auto-only.

        They made sense back when you couldn’t get decent fuel economy or performance from an automatic, but between economy of scale and modern 5+ATs they’re good enough.

        Personally, I drive a manual-equipped car as well, but I can see why this is happening.

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    When will we see this newly restyled coupe at dealers? I like the genesis coupe but do not like the current front end or interior. I am ready for the new one but can’t wait forever as my current ride is aging

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    Darth Lefty

    Not sure about the maw, but the lights and the hood are excellent.

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    PJ McCombs

    I dig it. Nice head/taillight lens detailing, interior upgrades that double the perceived price, and who would have thought Hyundai would revive Pontiac hood scoops?

    If I were in the market for a new $30K car, this would be a must-see.

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    John R

    I really like that up-sweeping portion of the headlamp assembly and the way it sort of cossets the projectors.

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    I like Hyundai and Kia styling, but from the looks of that silver Genesis front nose, I’ll pass on this one. Maybe seeing it in person will make it easier to understand why, or for whom, they designed it that way.

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    I love the Genesis Coupe, but don’t like this redesign much – I think the current car’s a lot better looking.

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