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While Saab in Sweden is in the emergency room with wires and drips attached, Saab will be back from the dead at the  Guangzhou Auto Show. This is when  BAIC will show what they have produced from the Saab tooling that they had bought at fire-sale-prices when Saab had gone bust before.

According to Chinacartimes, Beijing’s BAIC will unleash the ghosts of Saab as the C70 sedan. No finished pictures are out, but Chinacartimes offers up some pretty good photoshopped impressions.

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9 Comments on “Saab Lives! As The BAIC C70...”

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    That front end looks like an unholy combination of a Chrysler 200 and a Nissan Fuga. It’s almost like the lights were designed for a different car.

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    Won’t Volvo have a bit of a problem with a competitor appropriating the model name “C70″ ?

    If so, it will be interesting how much muscle, or government support, VCC’s chinese owners (Geely) have in stopping this.

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    PJ McCombs

    It’s easy to bash as a mash-up of various Euro styling cues, but the result–as rendered, anyway–is a thoroughly decent-looking (Audinfini-Benz) update of an aging chassis.

    If the final product looks similar, I wouldn’t be surprised if annual sales volumes in China were higher than the original car’s globally…

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    I take it Geely/Volvo has no problems with them calling it the C70?

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    I guess GM had no issue letting that technology go to China?

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      The tech in the current generation 9-3 is quite old (pre 2003), plus Saab developed its own unique radio/information/CAN/Engine Control etc technology & programming. Nothing in the car is state of the art at this point, or has been for at least 5 years. The problem with it currently is that GM does NOT want to piss off their chinese partners SAIC & BAIC by essentially giving away a lot of current knowledge, architecture & tech to a competitor. Plus, the 9-5 & 9-4X are thoroughly modern GM vehicles and could potentially pose a threat now.

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        So why didn’t GM wait, instead of butchering Saab piecemeal, making any future sale of the whole company to the Chinese impossible.

        Seems as though Ford didn’t have a problem with selling shared architecture in the form of Volvo to the Chinese.

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    It looks like a VW Eos sedan. Morbid curiousity had me follow Bertel’s links to Saabsunited where I found the new Cadilyack XTS billed as a 9-5 sibling. Maybe Saab dealers should buy some XTSs and some Saab badges. Other than contractual issues, what would be the difference?

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