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  • Re: The Mustang Embargo Is Done

    stuki - Cloth trumps leatherette, which is what BMW saddles you with unless you upspec. I’d personally go so far as to say cloth trumps leather as well, but leather is...
  • Re: A 21st Century 240D

    MBella - As Landcrusher stated, probally the current example probally won’t apply, but compare something like a 2l 4 cylinder and 3l 6 cylinder. Lets say 200hp and 300hp...
  • Re: 2015 Challenger SRT Hellcat Delivers EPA-Rated 22 MPG Highway

    stuki - And by simply running it in all-cylinder deactivation mode, powering it up to EPA test speeds with a tiny scooter motor in the trunk,...
  • Re: A 21st Century 240D

    MBella - The 642 engine, (the V6 diesel) is an absolutely terrible engine. It’s such a huge step down from the previous 648 straight six. The new 651 inline 4 hasn’t been...
  • Re: The Mustang Embargo Is Done

    stuki - Gas stations with a secure, uninterrupted supply of premium, tend to be collocated with donut shops.
  • Re: A 21st Century 240D

    MBella - You obviously haven’t driven the E250. At 370ft/lbs of torque, it is far from inadequate for the average driver.
  • Re: A 21st Century 240D

    Luke42 - Can you molt a Mercedes diesel engine into a Pacifica? That’d be one torqeuy CUV, Batman!
  • Re: The Mustang Embargo Is Done

    TMA1 - “but the BMW has a LOT of things that are not even an option on the 2015 Mustang.” But none of those things are four extra cylinders! A base 2 series cost...
  • Re: A Hot Hatch Polo Match

    joeveto3 - If this were for sale in the U.S., I would buy one tomorrow. In silver. Just like my old 83. As others have pointed out, the Fiesta in concept is nice, and it sounds like...
  • Re: A 21st Century 240D

    Landcrusher - Nice wiggle word – inherently. Engines burn what they burn. Thrash a little engine past it’s comfort zone and you may very well lose in the bargain. Not...

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