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If you’re ever in the mood to become disenchanted with some of the world’s most desireable automobiles, spend a little time in the Los Angeles area. In fact, Bentley’s Continental GT is a prime example of The City of Angels’ uncanny ability to make expensive, exclusive cars seem downright common. It’s not unlike seeing helmetless motorcyclists when visiting states like Colorado or New Hampshire: at first you’re a little shocked at the ubiquity, and then you quickly stop noticing. So when I first saw the newly-redesigned 2012 Conti GT, I thought “this looks so similar to the old one, it will never sell in LA, where the previous model is as ubiquitous as fake breasts.” But then I realized that ubiquity also breeds a fine appreciation for detail, and that if anyone would notice the difference between the old and new models, it would be the hyper-status-conscious Angeleans. And with US sales up 35% this year through August, the lads from Crewe (and/or Wolfsburg) are clearly doing something right. Besides, a brand-new Continental GTC convertible is always appreciated in Los Angeles…

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8 Comments on “LA Auto Show: Bentley Meets Its Market...”

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    I’ve been to LA outside of a couple of areas I didn’t see that these cars seem common.

    On the other hand I’ve heard the Middle East, they can be. All that oil money.

    I know that here in Shanghai, I definitely get disillusioned about them when I talk to other expats and they tell me about the woman down the street from them who buys a new Bentley every 3 months.

    Super luxury cars here are common too, and I get disillusioned because they are right next to the super poor picking through the garbage here, of which there is a huge number of people. Oh and I’ve never seen a Ferrari driven by anyone but a woman here in Shanghai. In fact most sports cars are driven by women here that I’ve seen. It’s the men with the SUV and big luxury cars with personal drivers.

    LA.. nah, I expect to see them there and somehow seeing them there, just makes me think all is right with the world. Here in Shanghai, all I can think is that the world is seriously screwed up.

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      In Beverly Hills, in the city center aka the Golden Triangle, it’s hard to go two blocks without seeing a Bentley. Some time within the last five or ten years, Bentleys became super popular here. Someone explained to me that if you have a Rolls, you have to get a driver too, but not so for a Bentley. So Bentleys are modest by comparison.

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    Ahhh, the motorized desktop tray for the front seats’ back.

    First introduced in the Phaeton in 2004. Only back then you had to provide your own laptop, I see they include it now.

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    Seems like catering exclusively to the wealthy is practically the only way you can have a guaranteed income, these days.

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    When I reach 60, I want to buy a cherry late ’90’s Azure, otherwise; Meh.

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    It makes me wistful for the last Imperial concept.

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