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Though the Chevrolet Spark has been in GM’s small-car spotlight this week, the firm’s Opel division is working hard on yet another tiny A-segment city car, tentatively known as the Junior or Allegra. Built on a shortened Opel Corsa platform, the Allegra will be a three-door, four-seat model targeted at the low end of the European market, at an estimated price of €10k. With a European debut targeted for the end of next year, Opel hopes to take the fight to the VW Up! And after it debuts, the smallest, cheapest Opel will become the home of an entirely new generation of small Opel-developed engines, with hybrid and EV versions rumored as well. Will it end up coming to the US as a Cadillac city car, as tipped by the recent ULC Concept? If gas prices go up, at least that option will be on the table…


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4 Comments on “The Euro-Spark: Opel Goes Tiny...”

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    I rented a 1.3 Liter Vauxhaul Corsa (manual 5-speed)last spring when I visited Ireland with my wife. This was without a doubt the most gutless vehicle I have ever driven. The fuel economy of ~6.0 l/100km didn’t justify the small size and lack of power. My own ’00 Saturn LS-1 (2.2 l Ecotec MT) will delivery under 7 l/100 km in the summer in mostly highway driving, will carry 5 with all their luggage, and will run rings around that thing.

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      are you sure you had the 1.3? because that’s a diesel rated at 4.5l/100km. I’ve rented a Corsa diesel before, and it was just fine.

      perhaps you had the 1.2?

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      Of course your Saturn will run rings around that thing. But this is not the point, as you have to deal with higher fuel prices and taxes over here in Europe.

      I am driving a Corsa with a 1.0 three cylinder engine, 58 hp and a fuel consumption of about 5 l/100 km. It has been dead reliable so far, is now 9 years old and I drove it for about 160,000 km in that time. I a plan to drive it until it’s wheels fall off. ;-)

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    MRF 95 T-Bird

    This seems much cooler than the Spark. The styling is better proportioned with out the oversized lights.

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