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  • Re: A Hot Hatch Polo Match

    Quentin - The ’15 Golf GTI has that as well. I’m a scorned ex-MKV GTI owner, but the ’15 Golf GTI was good enough that I was almost willing to forgive and forget....
  • Re: Junkyard Find: 1984 Maserati Biturbo

    Garak - A Maserati in a junkyard, now I’ve seen everything. You’d get at least five grand for that in Europe.
  • Re: A Hot Hatch Polo Match

    Lorenzo - Once you discover HOW to lose 25 pounds, lets us know.
  • Re: Toyota Boosting Capacity To Crank Out More Tacomas

    PenguinBoy - “The Tacoma is expected to be redesigned in 2016″ That would make it 12 years between updates. Nice truck, by 2004 standards,...
  • Re: Junkyard Find: 1984 Maserati Biturbo

    Pebble - Still a couple of these on the road here in Vegas, plus at least one dead in someone’s yard. These look very much like an Eighties Audi, don’t...
  • Re: The Mustang Embargo Is Done

    sportyaccordy - In a word, no. The things that make the Mustang great are irrelevant in the luxury market- no matter how much the B&B protest otherwise. If Lincoln wants to...
  • Re: The Volkswagen Eos Is Dead: Here’s Why

    28-Cars-Later - Gen 2 C70 is shockingly expensive, check one out. Gen 1 is more budget friendly, but then you must suffer through all of the 850 issues in...
  • Re: The Volkswagen Eos Is Dead: Here’s Why

    28-Cars-Later - Sure, one could simply shoehorn it in.
  • Re: A Hot Hatch Polo Match

    CoreyDL - I don’t agree that all designs are trendy and of the moment. Some cars (though usually not small/cheap ones) are designed to look good “generally” and...
  • Re: TTAC Salutes The Lincoln Motor Company

    bosozoku - Built on the same assembly line and shares the same basic dimensions, so I’d say calling it the Lincoln version of the Escape isn’t a stretch.

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