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How do you grow your business if you are allowed to sell only 7,000 cars a year? Ferrari is in that tough spot. Last year, they sold 6,500 cars with the prancing horse. To protect Ferrari from being mistaken for a brand that everybody drives, a ceiling of 7,000 has been established. (Don’t ask me why 7,000.) So how do you grow your business if you can’t sell more cars? Simple: Charge more. “Personal touches like cashmere-covered seats and gold-colored exteriors” can add 20 to 60 percent to the price, writes Bloomberg.

Ferrari is late to jump on the customization bandwagon. Customization is not only a nice profit center for high-end carmakers, but also for down-to-earth brands like Volkswagen. Volkswagen Individual GmbH will be happy to sell you a lowly Golf at twice the price. Why leave money on the table for the customizers?

Back to Ferrari: What happens when 7,000 Ferraris get sold? Ferrari will stop making them until next year. UNLESS: Unless the waiting list extends beyond 18 months. Then, the “absolute limit” will be raised to  10,000 vehicles. Can’t say that Ferrari isn’t customer-centric.


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14 Comments on “If An Off-The-Rack Ferrari Won’t Suit You...”

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    I always wonder, if I won lotto, ‘could I order an Italian exotic straight from the factory in Vegan form?

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    Honestly, I think this might be a good thing. With Aston selling that wretched iQ rebadge and Maserati developing an SUV (based on the Grand Cherokee no less), it’s nice that Ferrari’s willing to stay exclusive. Well, not counting all the merchandising.

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    One gold plated car does more to hurt their image than outselling Porsche would. The funny thing is that in some areas Ferraris are thick in traffic, and it doesn’t seem to hurt their sales in La Jolla, Monaco, or Palm Beach.

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    What do you get if you buy your VW from Volkswagen Individual?

    I was always impressed by Porsche’s option list. They are the real master at this game. I know someone who had his 911 painted matte green camo-style – bet that cost a mint!


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    Carmakers are allowed to protect their brand. Douchebags who gold-plate their supercars may not be the tastemakers Ferrari wants to attract. I know, ttac has plenty of people who think that trend is EXACTLY the same as James Dean buying a 356. Or Lamborghini painting a Muira puke green. Please. Good luck finding the gold plated SLR in a future car collection.

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    When targeting customers mostly stupid enough to need trillion dollar bailouts to be able to feed themselves; increase your product’s stupid appeal.

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    Seems to me that Ferrari is doing exactly what they should do – maximizing returns while not spoiling the exclusivity of their brand. See Cadillac in the 1960s and 70s for the opposite approach.

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    Can you get any of the VW Individual stuff here? The Audi Exclusive catalog for the US is actually really limited, unless you’re buying something like an A8L W12, then you can get at least most of the options that UK buyers for example can get.

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    I thought the limit was 4000 per year. That was years ago. Maybe they up the limit every time they introduce an additional model?

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    Do the four door Ferraris which are referred to as “Maseratis” come under a similar limit? Or, since Fiat owns 90% of Ferrari, can’t they get their volume jollies by selling lots of Puntos or C200s?

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    Seems really ostentacious, conceited and elitest to me. Suppose thats what gobs o’ money does to a person. This is today’s equivalent of drinking a pearl in vinegar.

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    Sounds like US debt limit.

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