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Yes, the Model S can fit eight… just not legally. Meanwhile, those are some pretty small kids in the old-school, rear-facing jumpseats (they’re only approved for passengers under five feet tall). But hey, it’s Elon Musk’s party, and he’s free to say whatever he likes until the car is actually on sale.

Speaking of which, it seems that the multiple versions of the Model S will not only be differentiated by range (with 160,230 or 300 miles of range) but Autocar reports there will be a performance version of the 300-mile car as well, which will hit 60 MPH in 4.6 seconds instead of the standard 5.5 seconds. The 160-mile version is reported to cost around $50k, the 230-mile version about $60k, the standard 300-mile version around $70k and the performance version will hit $80k. For a taste of the Model S’s performance, hit the jump for a brief, chauffeured test ride video.

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17 Comments on “Elon Musk: “As You Can See, The Tesla Model S… Can Actually Seat Eight”...”

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    If those ranges, prices and sizes are accurate, and meaningful in a real world sense, Tesla might finally have something of a seller on their hands. All that earlier hyping and backpedaling, makes it hard not to take their communications with a grain of salt, though.

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    Volt 230

    Hope they come with a fire suppression system.

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      Why is that?

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        Lithium ion batteries must be carefully temperature controlled. Temperature increases are a positive feedback loop until the cell vents. It is not a graceful vent either. One commercial (non-automotive) battery systems I have seen has a lot of sensors and controls to prevent high temperatures during charge/discharge.

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        Volt 230

        I believe it’s called instantaneous combustion as you drive hard and fast as this car begs to be driven, otherwise, just turn out cookie cutter commuter cars instead and there won’t be an issue.

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    I wonder if the car is going to use the 2-speed transmission that was apparently giving them a lot of fits awhile back?

    I suppose I could try and look up some info on the web about it, but I am a very busy and important person, and can’t be bothered to take the time.

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    $80k for a status sedan that gets 300 miles to a charge and rips 4.5s 0-60 times actually isn’t that unappealing, and I can look past the Chrysler 200 headlights and the VW Passat rims. I hope they pull this one off.

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    Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

    Will there be a hitch + power port for a trailered microturbine genset?

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    Musk’s other venture is SpaceX. They have been having some successes too and if the upcoming Falcon Heavy is only half as good as they claim, it will still be five times as cost effective as the current generation of heavy lifter. I don’t know if there is any cross pollination, but it sure appears that leadership is important. Which would you rather have, a $50K Model S or a $40K Volt? Let’s see whether they can deliver.

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    dvp cars

    ……if those linear distance/price factors keep being increased, maybe we’ll eventually get a car that we can take on a real trip……for about $800,000!… less subsidies, of course.

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      The slope is $10,000 for an additional 70 miles of range. So for $800K, you’d get 5410 miles range? Is that what you’d require for a “real trip”? Personally, I doubt they’ll ever even produce the 230 mile version, not to mention the 300.

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        dvp cars

        …….a 5000 mile range would get one from Maine to LA, but not all the way back…..probably have to lay over in Needles or somewhere for a 99 hour recharge.

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    cRacK hEaD aLLeY

    His ex-wife is hotter than the current car.

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    Those old-school rear-facing seats a) are still available on the E-Class wagon and (I think) Volvo V70, and b) probably still thought of fondly, especially among those TTACers who think that a GM B-Body wagon is better family conveyance than a modern minivan.

    For the record, my five-year old thinks the rear-facing seats in the E-Class are pretty cool.

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    Why is my inner voice repeating the words ‘Tucker Torpedo’ while watching this?

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