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In case you are at the Texas State Fair in Dallas at this moment, stop staring at million dollar steers and heifers and go over to Toyota. They will show you a truck with the longest name in recorded Texas history. It’s the “pre-production Tacoma Toyota Racing Development (TRD) T|X (Tacoma Extreme) limited edition pickup truck.”

We did not make that up, it says so right here in the press release. If “pre-production Tacoma Toyota Racing Development (TRD) T|X (Tacoma Extreme) limited edition pickup truck”  is too long, you can call it “Baja Series.”

The production version is scheduled for launch in late spring 2012. It will come with a 4.0-liter V6 engine with either six-speed manual and five-speed automatic transmissions, along with  “bead-lock style off-road wheels with an exclusive Gun-Metal Gray finish.” More data in the factory blurb.

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20 Comments on “Yee-Haw! Toyota Shows Truck With Texas-Sized Name At Texas State Fair...”

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    They should have called it the pre-production Tacoma Toyota Racing Development Mini Raptor.

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      It definitely reminds me of the Raptor w/ those graphics.

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        Reminds is too weak a word. Looks like they just stole the raptor paint job outright. Crazy!

        That rear locker needs to be 2H, high speed operational. Otherwise, it ain’t no Raptor!

        But man, if it is, and the suspension components are suitably Raptoristic, I’ll take an Access Cab w/manual. As flat out cool as the real thing is; it is awkwardly big in urban environs.

        Given my current low regard for Texans (Kidnapping Mormon kids minding nobody’s business by the hundreds, and repeatedly electing Perry), I’d be surprised if the whole thing isn’t more hat than cattle, though.

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    No way those “bead lock style” rims are real.

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      Isn’t that what the word “style” always means in that context? “Genuine Rolex-style watch, only $35!”

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      Those rims also come on the FJ trail teams edition.

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        This whole package is depressing. I own a relatively built Tacoma that sees offroad action regularly (1-2x/month). I’ve pushed it, broken some shit (rear differential, torn the front and rear bumpers off, etc.), and know what kind of fun you can have in these trucks with the right modifications. It’s not a rock buggy, but for being full bodied it does very well.

        That said, I represent a teensy tiny market, one far too small to be profitable. A much larger market is California Bros that think offroad package stickers mean something.

        It would be nice to see Toyota produce something fully offroad oriented, but I just don’t think major Motor Co.s these days can make money on those types of niche products.

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    Hopefully, the body graphics don’t make it to the production models.

    It sure would be nice if the 2012 Tacoma came with an all-metal cargo bed.

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    “TRD” Heehee. Always brings out the Beavis in me when I see one on the road.

    Yes, I am stuck at age 12 mentally.

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      It’s not just you.

      If I were Toyota’s Marketing King, there is no way in H*ll I would let those three letters be used on a car or truck. I don’t care how long they’ve been using them, it still is like labeling your vehicle a TuRD.

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    I think it’s a joke on the English-speaking public, just like the Mitsubishi Starion:

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    We always called them Tacos on the S-series boards :)

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    Toyota does really well with these graphics packages they sell on the Tacoma.

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    On the subject of that perilously implied “u,” consider the digital camera industry, where Sony is winning headlines and converts with its new line of “Single Lens Translucent” cameras, often abbreviated to SLT.

    In texting terms, these examples are proof that u can make a difference.

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    Felis Concolor

    The graphics were inspired by catastrophic engine failures.

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    The way the Tacoma is growing with each redesign soon it will be the size of Texas.

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    Here’s a question, do folks that buy trucks like this or Rapter really go off-roading with them? Or is this just another fashion statement like the whole “urban cowboy crap” from the 80’s. Remember the 80’s, Saturday Night Fever, Urban Cowboy and finally Miami Vice. You could go broke changing cars and clothes every few years.

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    Blech ! I thought those “Rad” splashy kiddie graphics died back in the 90s along with the white letter tires ? The wheels look like cheap aftermarket steel wheels surrounded by a chrome trim ring .If Toyota was looking for an early 90s tacky kiddie truck design they succeeded !

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