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There was a time when Bavaria (that’s the south-east of Germany for the geographically challenged) wasn’t known for much more than beer, cows, and King Ludwig’s castle. Now it’s the breeding ground for luxury cars (locally known as the “Premium-Segment”). And the cars breed with wild abandon. Both Audi and BMW report record sales for August.

Audi delivered 94,100 cars in August worldwide, around 17 percent more than during the same month last year, and a new Audi record.  In China, sales are up 25.5 percent to 28,068 units. In the United States, sales are up 11.1 percent. In Europe, Audi sales are up 13.7 percent – thanks in part to strong growth in the German market, where Audi increased its sales by 20.2 percent.

50 miles south from Audi’s Ingolstadt headquarters is BMW in Munich.  They did even better than Audi. In absolute numbers. Not in percentages. But as the father of a TTAC commenter had rightfully commented: You can’t eat percentages.

With 110,891 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce brand automobiles sold worldwide, the BMW Group is looking back at its best-ever August sales result. Compared to the 103,242 units sold in August last year, that’s an increase of 7.4 percent. For the year,  the BMW Group sold  1,073,363 units, up 16.8 percent over  the previous January-August period (919,256).

Guess where BMW had the strongest growth. China? Wrong. In China, BMW sales climbed 8.7 percent in August to 18,462 units. The strongest growth was on BMW’s home turf, in Germany. Here, sales accelerated with smoking tires by 60.3 percent to 23,250 vehicles. In the first eight months of the year, the Group reported a total of 196.264 vehicle registrations in Germany, a 13.3 percent increase over the same period last year (173.282), “which puts it at the top of the German premium segment,” as the press release says. Überholprestige is back again with flashing brights.

In Stuttgart, I hear, Talcid, the German equivalent of Maalox, was flying off the shelves.


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17 Comments on “Tu Felix Bavaria: Audi And BMW Bring In Record Numbers...”

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    Wow, 60% growth? And the German car market as a whole is stagnant, right? So that growth is almost all conquest from other makes? I wonder who suffers the most from BMW’s growth. Opel?

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      I’m guessing August 2010 was suffering from the post stimulus fallout on car sales in Deutschland. Not really an Apples to Apples comparison but interesting nonetheless.

      So VW Group is growing volumes heavily in the US despite the teeth mashing of enthusiast website posters like us, growing like a weed in China, and the luxury arm is eating Merc’s and Acura’s lunch and steadily outgrowing BMW. Safe to say they know what they’re doing.

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    Sgt Beavis

    I helped. I bought a 2011 BMW 328i Sport Wagon late last month. A great car.

    Ya see, some of us American’s really do buy station wagons. Even here in Texas. :)

    photographic proof..

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      That’s a beauty. Congrats.

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      Very nice… and not your first Bimmerwagon, it would seem.

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      Well done.

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      That’s a beaut, Sarge! Would be a super puppy hauler (I have a small wagon, Lancer Ralliart, just to be able to carry my dogs without owning a huge SUV)…but I do miss me some BMW, having owned numerous. Enjoy the ride!

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      Sir, excellent choice! I can warmly recommend to visit its place of origin in Munich. BMW has built the BMW Welt campus next to their headquarters (and factories). This place is worth a visit any time. Combine it with the local beer festival starting on Sep 17th. Hit the Autobahn for a few kilometres to Ingolstadt to visit the local competition, also worth a visit.
      Did I mention speed limits on the Autobahn are suspended a few kilometres outside of Munich? Another plus.

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      Me too! Picked mine up at the factory in Munich on 7/29. So technically I helped them set thier July record. Here is a pic at the Berlin Wall:

      And a little taste of the Autobahn:

      6spd manual, RWD, no iDrive, just like God intended BMWs to be! If BMW would have sold me a diesel, it would be that too. Should finally get here in a couple weeks, due 9/12 in NJ on the M/V Otello.

      I ALMOST ordered mine in blue as well, but decided on Tasman Green instead.

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    So how are the boys in Stuttgart doing? Even if I try to be as objective as I can be as a BMW fan I still think most of Stuttgart’s products don’t match up well and some even fall way off the mark (GLK, E-Class…I’ll just ignore the A/B).

    Would be nice if they’d step it up a notch so BMW doesn’t get complacent.

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    Dear Mazda Design,
    Study the pics that start this post before you update any grill.

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    That Audi looks like a bored Storm Trooper.

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    I’m intrigued by the word picture of luxury cars breeding in the wild. Can visitors to Bavaria actually see them in corpus flagrante? Maybe Jack Baruth should be sent to investigate. Even if he can’t get pictures, the descriptions would be epic.

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    Bruce the K


    I’m with you on the south part of your Bavaria locator, but south-east? I thought Bavaria was on the western side of Germany. (Wasn’t it part of West Germany, in the bad old Cold War days?

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      Look on a map. East of Bavaria is a bit of Austria and a lot of the Czech Republic. I was born and raised there and speak the local lingo.

      When the Cold War ended, nobody demanded that “Böhmen und Mähren” and the “Ostmark” should be reattached to Germany – which was a good thing.

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