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Remember the good old days, when TTAC and Curbside Classics could all be found in one place? Well, for one night only we’re back together, and inviting you to hang out with the Editors-in-Chief of both sites. We’re hosting a joint meet-up at Portland, OR’s Migration Brewing Company next Thursday (10/6), starting at 5:30 pm [Map here]. So come by after work, grab a pint or three, and we’ll talk about everything from the latest industry developments to the most obscure historical anecdotes in automobile-dom. Buy one beer, get two Niedermeyers free… what more could you ask for?

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24 Comments on “Housekeeping: TTAC And Curbside Classic Joint Meet-Up In Portland...”

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    A Caving Ape

    No way! Hell, I’d probably be at Migration anyway, I’m certainly there enough. See you guys there!

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    What a nice surprise – I’ll be in Portland Thursday, and my meeting that afternoon is not far from Migration. Have to meet friends for dinner later, but I’ll try and be there at 5:30.

    Since I have not been to Migration before, any tips on how to find you guys there? Will you have a special table? I’ll wear my Triumph hat if I remember it.

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      There’s a relatively recent photo of us both at the CC post… and if there’s an M Coupe and a Mk1 Scion xB out front, we’re in there somewhere.

      turtletop: there’s a little room to park on the street, but we may just have to do a walking tour of the reader rides between beers.

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        Glad to see you and Pops are on good terms. Wasn’t sure how that was going. You have a very cool dad with similar — and very cool — interests; it doesn’t get any better than that. Enjoy you relationship and don’t get dragged too deep into the muck of the day to day silly stuff.

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    Hey, that sounds great! I haven’t been to Migration yet, an oversight on my part… do you think there’ll be space to show off a car or two? If not, no problem, it still sounds like it’ll be a hoot. Thanks for the invite! I’ll do give it my best shot to make it!

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    If I lived out there, I’d be game! CC and TTAC are my favorite car sites…

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    Well, for one night only we’re back together…

    It’s the TTAC/CC Reunion Tour… “ARE YOU READY TO ROCK PORTLAND?!?!?”

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    If I leave now (from western PA), I can just about make it there on time. Love to, maybe next time.

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    Damn! On a Thursday, in Portland and I hafta work the next day and it’s 3 hours away…

    Yeah, I live in Seattle.

    Oh well, I’m SURE there’ll be other opportunities in the future so perhaps on a weekend, like a Saturday evening, I might make it!

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    I was going to be in Portland next week too, before my plans fell through. Too bad.

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    dvp cars

    ……sounds like a pretty eclectic Cruise Night brewing. Here’s a question……what’s the ideal TTAC designated driver vehicle?….and who’d be the ideal driver? Have a good Oktoberfest, guys and gals.

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      “what’s the ideal TTAC designated driver vehicle?”

      Got to be something like this:

      Or maybe one of the other buses featured on CC back in the day – perhaps an old GM bus similar to those Paul drove in his youth…

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        dvp cars

        …….neat old bus, but I’m not sure attendees would like the home-made dashboard…….parking could also be an issue, and the host pub might object to fumes from prolonged idling ruining their patio business. On top of that, the prerequisite post-party burnouts could prove challenging……… gotta find something better.

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    Since there is a TTAC Youtube channel, it would be nice if there was some video up there that wasn’t all just Alex Dykes providing all of the input. This calls for some video of the experience for those of us that aren’t able to make it. Especially if Mr. Baruth and Ms. McBigbra happen to figure out way to pay a visit.
    Well, ok, it would be cool to see both Mr. Niedermeyer’s as well.

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    I’m retired, and never one to turn down a free beer.

    Hmmmm. Four, ten hour driving days. 2600 miles 3/4 the way across North America the Mustang would need at least a five hour detail job.

    Street parking only, you say?

    Tempting….Make it somwhere central with better parking, and a little more lead time and I’m in.

    I’m sure it will be a blast,but I got to take a pass on this one.

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    I would be there if I didn’t have tickets to the Oct 6th game in Autzen v. Stanford! I know both you and Paul are local to the NW so I would love to see something like this happen again soon!

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    how about tokyo?

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    dvp cars

    ….ever thought of re-hashing the Cannonball? I volunteer to co-drive with Sajeev in the last Hertz panther. Maybe a special class for retired LeMons cars. Better triple your liabiliy insurance though.

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      Educator(of teachers)Dan

      Only if we can use Sajeev’s Cougar as a chase car and get a couple of guys to attempt the “miltary emergency” of Burt Reynolds and Dom Deluise in Cannon Ball Run. Hey wait a min… I’m starting to look like Burt did in his 30s…

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        dvp cars

        ……in one of the early Cannonballs, 4 experienced racers in a NYC > LA drive-a-way service Sedan de Ville came in 2nd or 3rd despite a couple of arrests, and actually passed Gurney’s winning Daytona at one point… the rain…..they had to hang around LA for a few extra days, as the customer might have been a little concerned with a 36 hour delivery time , given the 3000 mile journey involved. All numbers approximate from memory, but the story is true.

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    Sam P

    Too bad this isn’t on a weekend. I’m 3 hours away in greater Seattle but going down on a weeknight (with work the next day) would be tough.

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    Ho about a Friday or Saturday night choice rather than Thursday? You’d collect a few more of us within reach but just not up for a multi-hour round trip on a weeknight!

    Hell, I’d bring the Jag (for test drives!) if it were a Saturday meetup!

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    It was nice to meet all of you and to discuss autos (and motorcycles) while drinking good beer. Yes, I finally registered on the site so I can post mindless drivel like this, versus just reading good writing.

    MikePDX: it is obvious – Miata, not Del Sol… I would like to see the completed project!

    If anyone is enough of a sucker, I’d love some help on removing the transmission from my 1992 400E…

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