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Even as GM may or may not be pursuing an alliance of some kind with BMW, it’s putting the final touches on its new Cadillac ATS, which is supposed to compete directly with BMW’s 3 Series. But according to the only report on the possibility of a GM-BMW tie-up,

BMW’s Chief Executive Norbert Reithofer has previously said that BMW would be interested in selling engines to other companies so long as such a move wouldn’t strengthen a direct competitor’s position or damage BMW’s own image

Will GM’s first “true” Dreier-fighter scare BMW away from an engine deal with The General? Until we get a sense of what exactly GM is pursuing, and how BMW feels about being pursued, it’s impossible to say. But the timing of all this certainly is interesting.

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18 Comments on “GM Teases Cadillac ATS In New Video...”

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    Small, RWD, manual trans, being tuned on the race track?

    Oh so that’s what happened to Pontiac. Good to know.

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    I like what the objective goals are, I do not like the subjective attitudes of those doing this though. Those on this video appear conditioned to say and think those thoughts, rather then their own original ideas of value.

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    Robert Schwartz

    “GM Teases Cadillac ATS In New Video”

    You stupid ATS, Your Mama wears combat boots.

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    Austin Greene

    Oh my God! Who writes this crap for them to say?

    Please just design, engineer and build something that can compete on all levels and lead in some.

    If you do this the car will speak for itself. You wont need some stupid youtube video to suck in the latest crop of suckers who just graduated and got their first decent-paying jobs.

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    Well, the door panel looks like it has some spiffy lines at any rate. Then again (and I cannot believe I’m saying this) GM’s been consistently strong with interior materials and design lately so I’m not expecting a miss in that department.

    What I’m interested to see is if the exterior looks edgy enough (the teaser looked a bit staid if I’m honest) and if the handling are refinement can compete with the Germans.

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    Ah, the Cadillac “American Traffic Service”. I hope it didn’t take pictures of itself when you run a red light. Still, what makes better business sense for a luxury-car company than BMW 3-series? That thing sold like hotcakes, all over the world, and at very good prices too (plump profit margin). All the ATS need to do is to be a compelling alternative. Unfortunately for Cadillac, it has tried making a 3-series competitor many times, all horribly failed. Catera anyone? Hopefully this time is the charm. It seems to have a stick, which is promising, and looks like the brass can drive stick too, which is hopeful. Though it would help if the accountants did not nickel and diming it before it even have a chance of success, and we’ll end up with another Cimarron. Already we heard it’s horribly overweight.

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    Did Mark shift into 6th gear? Anybody familiar with the gate pattern of modern GM manual trannys? (pun away!). Was that 5 or 6th gear?

    Also a pet peeve.

    How many of you actually think that the general BMW 3 series buying public gives one iota about most of the things that peeps on this site are always going on & on about (like HP, & handling ). Yes, yes, I know that anecdotes are not data, but look around. Who do yo see driving 3 series (& C Klasses & hell Mazda 3’s). Well here in Atlanta, it is mostly woman & the last thing they do is ACTUALLY HAVE FUN OR EVEN CARE TO HAVE FUN driving automobiles. These things are fashion accessories first & people moving appliances second. There is a girl in my apt complex. Got her a nice red 330. She has absolutely no idea what that car can do & furthermore unless I were to carjack it with her in it& then put the car through its paces, she will happily keep driving (slowly & cautiously) it until her lease is up.

    This is an enthusiast site & thus we make enthusiast sounding sounds, but do not for one minute think that the general buying public gives a damn about 0 to sixty, which wheels motivate the vehicle, or is the damn stiching contrasty (I made that word up LOL) enough.

    Had to get that little rant out. Now, by daughter should be graduating from Georgia State in about 2 years, & hopefully this thing will be out & I can motivate myself with right wheel drive & (at least) 6 forward gears :D

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    Caddy isn’t trying to go after BMW — from scratch (is it really?) they can’t build a new car that’s going to credibly take on the 3-series.

    But look at Audi — great sales increases in the US this year. Even Lexus — those are the brands where Caddy will try to make inroads sooner rather than later.

    Audi has proven that people will happily pay premium $$ for 4 cylinder turbo cars — if they look great and have fabulous interiors. And Lexus, well, it sure ain’t about performance for most of their models.

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    Don’t like the “ATS” name, thought they were going to change it?

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    I have seen a few camo’ed prototypes on the street(I live down the street from the Tech Center). I actually thought it was a Malibu.But now I have seen the new Malibu, I was wrong. It is smaller than that.

    I know a few guys that work there, and all they do is mumble when you ask them about the weight problems. I joked with one guy “Is it still 1000lbs overweight?” This car is smaller than a Malibu or Accord, and supposedly weights over 4000 lbs.

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    I feel like BMW’s brand cachet of “The ultimate Driving Machine” has worn a bit thin recently. Its like they finally admitted that a million valley girl wannabe’s move more cars than the 3 business-douches who can afford a new M3/5 every time they drop one. The new non-m cars are just disappointing from a luxury standpoint – it’s badge salesmanship anymore.

    I think Cadillac might get a crack at this market – mind you small volume until the badge stigma wears – if the ATS is a comfortable car without feeling cushiony or stodgy. Sell it as a luxury car first, the circle back with a -V variant to refresh mid-cycle sales and set the mindset for the next gen model. The CTS-V is already a great M5 competitor on paper and in the real world, and if it wasn’t towing 30 years of 70’s vintage ill will, I feel like it would be better received.

    Mind you, if they pull this off, and I hope they do – next we get the 7-series/S-Class competitor we have all secretly been wanting from Caddy for the last decade. And with their recent ad copy and aggressive design philosophy, I REALLLY doubt it is going show up quietly ;)

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    Producing a model smaller than CTS, is giving IS350 a chance to show that Lexus is truly superior than Cadillac.

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