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One man’s waste can be any other man’s treasure… given enough hard work. For one of his many projects, Belgian “neo-conceptualist” artist Wim Delvoye took well-loved tires and transformed them into hand-carved works of art that wouldn’t look out of place in Beijing’s Forbidden City. Anyone who’s destroyed a set of tires in a day and felt a tiny twinge of guilt at the delightful wastefulness of the experience can relax knowing that they haven’t destroyed something, but merely sent it on the next phase of its life. In most cases your used P-Zeros and Potenzas will end up as astroturf or hot tar, but a lucky few will fall into the hands of an enterprising artist like Delvoye and end up as transcendent art. If I could afford to regularly destroy tires, I’d be looking for one of these to display in my garage. [via Gizmodo]


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    That’s quite beautiful. Truly! You could do some interesting things with that, from intricate Celtic-inspired designs to more geometrical or organic themes. What a great idea!

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    There’s a tire-sculpture Rhinocerous in downtown Canton, OH. Here’s a photo someone posted of it on Flickr http:[email protected]/5620427798/

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    Looks like a chocolate chip.

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    slow kills

    Won’t hold air. yuk yuk yuk.

    Won’t this get brown, fade, get brittle and crack after a few years of UV and oxygen exposure?

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