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The constant frustration of almost everyone in the automotive media, is getting scooped by the fanboys. And yet it inevitably, it keeps happening. While the usual German ‘ring-watching suspects were enjoying their Messe, grabbed an apparent web exclusive video of the Cadillac ATS at the Nürburgring… three days ago.

Despite the endless sturm und drang surrounding ‘ring records, I think videos like this are what makes the ‘ring “matter”:  they show not-yet-for-sale cars being pushed on challenging, degraded road. As Jack points out though, the driver makes a huge difference in ‘ring times, and therefore, the performance you’re seeing in this video. Your ‘ring mileage may vary. Still, it’s worth remembering that this is a Cadillac on the Nürburgring. I’m not making apologies, it’s just… typing that still feels strange (yes, even after the CTS-V). Anyway, there’s some fairly comparable 2012 BMW 3er footage after the jump, so… y’know…

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10 Comments on “Cadillac ATS Takes On The ‘ring...”

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    Austin Greene

    Typical overweight, bloated and slow crap from GM.

    Oh sorry, this is TTAC – not GMinsidenewz.

    Ah, nice piece of work there Lutz!

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    looks like darth vader

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    No Lincoln need to apply. Or any Honda/Acura too. No currently readily available Hyundai or Kia, Lexus or Toyota.

    Of course the ATS will be pushing 3600 lbs but it’s big brother once held the record for a sedan on the ‘ring weighing in at 43000 lbs.

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    Ed, did you mean for the first paragraph to start with the article, To?

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    After comparing the two videos I noticed the ATS has hardly any body roll and the shock dampening takes any oscilations out over the bumps where the 3-series suspensions looks like a pogo stick double and tripling before settling down.

    Granted this ATS has a roll bar in it and is a test car.

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      I bet they are trying out the magnetorheological dampers on the ATS, it might be part of its weight problem, or possibly the weight problem is causing the visual surefootedness compared to the Drier. I hope the ATS comes with the magnetorheological shocks as an option, it will truly set it apart from the German compact executive saloons.

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        I watched each video three times – it appears in several of the corners that the Cadillac maneuvers through at a higher rate of speed than the BMW, with much less pronounced body roll and tire noise. Of course, that could be driver skill and tire choice – but the GM fanboiz will be singing the praises of the ATS over the 3-Series, and GM haters will find hundreds of flaws with the Caddy.

        It looks promising.

        I’ve watched several videos of the ‘Ring, but it’s always been individual cars. I didn’t realize Joe Lunchbox could take his daily driver out on the track like that. I now have a new item on the bucket list; I want to take a production vehicle, totally stock, out on the ‘Ring and flog it ’til it’s dead.

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      @Monty :
      comparing two test cars for in random videos on the internet tells you nothing. you have no idea about anything on the vehicles, wehat engine, tires, test program, options, nothing.

      the ‘ring has always been open to the public for anyone to drive on, when it’s not closed for private testing or pooled industry days where it’s used for testing alone.

      you can take rental cars on the ‘ring, but if you wreck them, the insurance will explictly exclude you from coverage, an expensive proposition. it costs ~$20/lap IIRC and you pay for each lap after leaving the track & re-entering through the turnstile/gate. it’s part of the romance of the place – anyone can (and does) drive there, in whatever they want.

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    When I heard of the ATS, I had visions of a tarted up Cobalt for some reason and was sort of dreading that Cadillac was going to be just another trim level on a corporate platform again. I’m impressed, really impressed.

    I’m happy to see they kept the harsh angles even if it doesn’t look ‘pretty’ – there’s to many soap-bars with flame surfacing in the world already.

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    How can one make a car that boxy and still make outward visibility so bad you can’t stay in your own lane on a roundabout?

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