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Would you be a little bit surprised if the man behind this tiny, funky little electric van was the man who styled the VW Passat CC and first-generation Mercedes SLK? Well, Murat Günak has been heavily into the electric car game since leaving Volkswagen, having designed one of my favorite EVs, the fresh-and-freaky Mindset. But even though the Mia and the Mindset seem a little more in the same vein, Günak has actually moved well past the Mindset’s super-high-end positioning, as this Mia is set to sell for the lowest price of any EV in the EU, starting at €19,500 ($28k). For comparison, Mitsubishi’s iMiEV (the cheapest EV in the US market) sells for €34,390, or nearly $50k… although its European price is set to drop to closer to €15k when production ramps up.

But the Mia isn’t just (relatively) inexpensive… it’s downright cool. Built by the French firm Heuliez in either 9.4 or 10.5 foot lengths (the latter with 53 cubic feet of cargo space), it comes with a McLaren F1-style central driver’s seat and doors designed to operate in tight urban conditions. With a range of only 60 miles and a top speed of only slightly more than 60 MPH, it’s strictly an urban runabout, but as a small business delivery vehicle it seems to hit a lot of the right buttons… especially the three-hour charging time (an 80-mile-range battery is optional but takes five hours to charge). Production hits 10,000 units next year, when sales to private customers begin. [via Autobild]

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12 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: The Urban Electric Delivery Van Edition...”

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    €19,500 ($28k)

    Why do you do that – it confuses the readers? For car prices €19,500 = $19,500.

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      Oy vey, not this again. Fine, since you ask so politely, I’ll never convert another Euro ever again… although your rule of thumb is hardly universally true itself. As far as I’m concerned, I’d just as soon write the story without having to fiddle around with a calculator.

      In fact, now that you mention it, maybe I’ll stop converting meters, liters, kilograms, newton-meters and liters/100km too. Y’all are smart enough to do all that yourselves, right?

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      Vehicles are not priced uniformly across eurozone countries. The same 320d that cost €34k in France is €45k in Finland.

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      “Why do you do that – it confuses the readers? For car prices €19,500 = $19,500.”

      So the Euro has 1:1 parity with the U.S. dollar now? When was the last time that happened? 9 or 10 years ago, perhaps?

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        Ughhhhhh….. Euro car prices include, among other things, a +20% VAT. A car that would sell for EUR20,000 in Europe would sell for USD20,000 in the US.

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    Looks like the Prattaxi from the 70s. It wasn’t electric, though.

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    That cockpit is just too cool. If I had one of these I’d be quoting Apollo 13 every time I drove it.

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    Why do they always style an electric vehicle to look so… dorky? Why can’t it look nice? Look at Tesla or Fisker Karma, now that’s what electric car should look like. I know the Mia can’t look sleek like those cars because it’s a van, but surely it can look better than that? Looks like those Japanese Kei minibuses of the 1970s.

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    “What’s wrong?”
    Since one of its versions is a taxi cab, it will need a quick-change battery (so where’s the hatch for that)?

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    Andy D

    I would need 2 or 3 of these a day to complete my appointed rounds. A human powered vehicle is prolly more useful within that range

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