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When a brand like Aston-Martin releases a new car, it’s de rigeur to assemble some cameras and hand out a freebie to a legend of the motoring world. But when a brand like Aston-Martin creates a deeply controversial car like the Toyota iQ-based Cygnet, the luminaries of road and track are hardly going to be lining up  for the thing. Luckily if you ask nicely enough, they might be convinced, as apparently Sir Stirling Moss was, to re-gift the thing to the wife. That way he doesn’t have to endure the embarrassment of driving the thing, but Aston still gets to hype the fact that the Sir Stirling said

Since seeing a pre-production Cygnet in January I knew that it was the perfect car for Susie; a proper little piece of British luxury and perfect for our life in town.

Unfortunately, as Pistonheads points out, the Cygnet isn’t even exempt from London’s congestion charge… which is typically an important criteria for a car to be “perfect” for life in London town. Oh, and it’s about as British as yakisoba. But hey, Sir Stirling “bought” one for his wife so…. um… yeah.

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21 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Good Enough For The Wife Edition...”

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    It’s gimmick marketing. I don’t understand all the teeth gnashing over this car, sometimes.

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    I can clearly see a time in the relatively near future where only a select few platforms will be used for all cars, no matter what the badge says. How many cars are really Toyotas, Opels and such underneath? That would be an interesting list for TTAC to compile.

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    I’m looking forward the the day when every car is a 2005 Impala.

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    The Cygnet is a Joke.

    You’d think, with the whole Ford/Mazda/Volvo connections (which surely remain despite Ford’s divestiture of said brands), there would be potential for a Miata-based Aston which provided every bit the CAFE offset without sacrificing the motoring experience implied by the marque.

    A gussied-up Toyota iQ is a joke.
    A gussied-up MX-5 is an entry-level Aston.

    Meh. It’s ugly in Disappointment Green.

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    You have it backwards. The car was actually a gift to Sir Stirling from his wife, not the other way around.

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      Really? So why did he say “Since seeing a pre-production Cygnet in January I knew that it was the perfect car for Susie”?

      I’m seeing the same quote everywhere… I’m pretty sure we got it right.

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        ummm, hmmmm, uhhhhh….
        I read the ‘same’ story on another website (that shall rename nameless) before I saw your story. I just checked it this morning and they’ve ‘updated’ it to read like yours.
        Here’s me with egg on my face.
        I never should have assumed you guys got it wrong.
        You have my sincerest apologies.

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    …surely i can’t be the only person who actually *likes* the cygnet…

    …i think it’s a clever marketing exercise to imbue a great little city car with some interesting character and panache whilst simultaneously satisfying regulatory concerns in keeping with real-world usage patterns…remember, anyone who drives one of these also keeps a big aston parked in the garage back home, best of both worlds: what’s not to like?..

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    Such a vulger, hideous little car.

    Little cars are nothing more than a product of the Devil. They should be exterminated like the infestating (is that even a word?) roaches that they are.

    Large, V8, RWD vehicles are where it’s at!

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    There’s nothing wrong with it. Toyota quality. There’s a reason Mercedes thinks of AM.

    You know it’s for fleet averages. Instead, be mad about it being the Virage until 2015.

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    “I knew that it was the perfect car for Susie”…

    So the perfect car for wifey is this extravagantly overpriced, cynical, Chanel-lipstick-on-a-pig marketing exercise, the ultimate insult to intelligence? (Never mind that Sir Stirling gets to drive the REAL Aston Martins.)

    If I was Susie, I’d be affronted.

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    Replace the Toyota engine with something like this.

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    Quick, what was the main plot line in Diverce Italian style movie?

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    Goes to show you that women are eminently more sensible than men …

    (Ducks from all the backlash at this politically-incorrect, stereotyping, sexist statement. It’s not as bad as what Jeremy Clarkson throws out there, though.)

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    Stirling Moss would still be faster around any racetrack in this “Aston-Martin” than anyone on this website would be in anything else, except maybe Jack Baruth, and Jack would get black flagged in three laps against Stirling Moss anyway. QED.

    Thanks for the Stirling Moss reference regardless!

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    This isn’t the first time Aston Martin has gussied up an econobox and marketed it. I wonder what would win a race between a 1984 Frazer Tickford Metro and an Aston Martin Cygnet.

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