By on July 3, 2011

To celebrate the nuptials of the Princess and the Prince of Monaco, here one of the Top Gear classics: Aston Martin DB9 against public transport.  London to Monte Carlo.  Who gets there first? Car or train? At the risk of ruining the plot, remember what Jeremy Clarkson said:

“I think the important thing we proved today. No matter how good public transport is, not matter how much it runs like clock work, it will never be a match for a car.”

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4 Comments on “The Race To Monte...”

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    The actual winner was the camera truck. It always managed to stay just ahead of the DB9.

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    Sam P

    This was my favorite Top Gear race ever. Yes, I know that it’s about as realistic as pro wrestling. I don’t care.

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    Great episode.

    Flipped past that wedding on CNN a few secs and wow, that was the most icy bride I’ve ever seen. Best day of your life, eh?

    I guess even being the Prince of Monaco doesn’t mean you have any amount of pickup/social-dyanamics chops.

    David D would tell that guy: “Once a girl’s interest level falls below 50, it Never goes back up; so just dump her.”

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    I’m sure that flying (from London to Nice) would be much faster than driving though, this is what most people do. The TGV is slow due to the 2 hour trip on regular speed track between Marseille and Nice.

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