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The Nikkei [sub] says that Nissan is bringing back the Datsun brand as the badge for its low-cost offerings in emerging markets. The Nikkei is talking about cars “with a price tag of around 5,000 dollars.”  The Nikkei makes this announcement without quoting sources.

We are unable to get any comments on that story. Not because The Nikkei put it on the wire at 5:34 pm in the evening – at that time, most people still work in a Japanese company.

However, this is the first day of July, and  from July through September, automakers in Japan will not work on Thursdays and Fridays, but over the weekend instead. We’ll see whether we can get a comment.

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6 Comments on “Nissan Bringing Back Datsun?...”

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    Yeah, but how soon?



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    The joke goes like this:

    Back in the Fifties, Nissan wanted to duplicate the success of VW in the U.S. The problem? They were certain the Nissan corporate name was too offensive to World War II vets.

    So they went to VW’s original ad agency and said “we need a new brand name by next month.”

    The German ad executives’ response? “Dat soon?”

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    Maybe they’ll bring back my 2-door 1972 510 five-speed. Once you replaced the cheap-o rim protectors with radials, that car was a ball to drive. Cost about $2,200, as I recall, but I’d be willing to as high as $5,000. The sheet metal was as thin as an oilcan and the seat belts had no retractors.

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      Hell yes! Bring back my green 72 510 wagon with the manual, miss the styling and rwd fun of that car immensely.Folded up like a beer can when that F250 t-boned it though, walked away with minor bruises (knock wood).

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        Now that I think about it, this is why i dumped the gas hog truck and bought a 2011 Forester (green) with a 5spd manual. I guess I’ve come full circle?

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    Bring back the 1600/510 Ill have one

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