By on July 27, 2011

After a lot of prototypes presented at Chinese car shows with hoods closed and long cables going to mock charging stations, EV development appears to get serious in China. Yesterday, Nissan announced that it is developing an EV for the Chinese market that will be sold under the Venucia brand by 2015. Daimler of all people could be further ahead.

A year ago, Daimler inked a joint venture agreement with BYD for the development of an all-electric car. Daimler’s main joint venture partner BAIC promptly raised objections. The JV appears to be alive and well nonetheless.  From the files of the Chinese patent bureau leaked finalized renderings of a fully electric car that appears to be based on Daimler’s B-Class. A whole array of pictures can be admired at Carnewschina. Word on the street is that the car will hit same by 2013.

Just like Nissan’s Chinese EV, the BYD-Daimler EV will be sold under a yet to be disclosed “Chinese” brand.

The car would probably sell better with the Mercedes star on it, especially to brand-conscious Chinese, but if the Chinese government insists on Chinese brands, then that’s what the government will get.


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