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  • Re: The Mustang Embargo Is Done

    krhodes1 - It’s not so much that they care whether the car is FWD or RWD, it is that the sort of ride/handling/steering that one expects in a luxury car is more difficult...
  • Re: Behold, The Leafamino

    petezeiss - I’m just fantasizing about rolling into my village’s yard waste dump with one of these. And of repeatedly doing that every week since I could only tote one 55...
  • Re: Even Volvo Buyers Don’t Buy Wagons

    akatsuki - You are being deliberately obtuse, and a bit of an ass too. The V60 was nowhere near the V70 in space or packaging. Most Volvo fans sucked it up and...
  • Re: The Volkswagen Eos Is Dead: Here’s Why

    akatsuki - It just made it too expensive for the segment, which was basically for people who couldn’t afford a BMW 3 convertible. They really needed to...
  • Re: Supplier Believes Lightweight Steel Has A Place In Light-Duty Pickups

    petezeiss - Do frame members get corrosion protection? My last truck was a ’96 and it certainly gave an example of what old fart...
  • Re: House Dems Take Republicans To Task Over NHTSA Report

    wolfinator - No, he means the Ayn Rand who DIED ON WELFARE, sucking at the government teat. Because she couldn’t even make her messed up...
  • Re: House Dems Take Republicans To Task Over NHTSA Report

    Landcrusher - The counter factual hyperbole in that doesn’t deserve contradiction so I will just reinforce my point. You guy keep getting people...
  • Re: Captives To Face CFPB Oversight

    highdesertcat - After reading all the comments here re the CFPB, I was compelled to add my 2-cents. My perspective is a little different because I think that the CFPB does...
  • Re: Behold, The Leafamino

    sitting@home - I thought Tesla have a battery swap option at their superchargers ?
  • Re: Junkyard Find: 1984 Maserati Biturbo

    MattPete - As a kid in the late 80s, I remember trying to talk my Dad into a BiTurbo because they were such a ‘steal’ (this was a used model in Knoxville,...

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