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Last year it was Quaker State. ‘Extreme Durability’ synthetic oil had flopped in the markeplace. A lowering of it’s price to $1.99 a quart plus a $10 mail-in rebate solved that issue for Quaker State. Not any profit there obviously.  But oil is dirt cheap to produce and the new marketing campaign promised better returns for all that paid shelf space. Now Valvoline is performing a similar stunt for their ‘VR1 Racing Oil’. Six quarts of synthetic for free after the $50 mailin rebate.  Just make sure you keep track of the rebate. Then you can…

Get all the oil filters and air filters you need for a year and change. Some of the best filters out there. Total Cost? About $6. This is how you do it.

Go to the Advance Auto Parts website. Pick up two Purolator Pure One Oil Filters, Two Purolator Air Filters, and a Bosch Distance Plus Oil Filter. When you get ready to check out, type in BIG25 for the promotion code. That will automatically get you $25 off your order of $60. You can then get $24 off the Purolator products with this rebate, and $5 off the Bosch filter with this rebate. Arrange to pick up at the store and your total cost will be around $6.

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24 Comments on “Hammer Time: Extreme Couponing Edition...”

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    Slick! At least, I hope it is or you’re going to have engine problems.

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    Wow… just wow. I am impressed.

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    Holy crap. And I thought I could be a penny pincher.
    Can you get me the same sort of discount next time I fill up with gas Steve?

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      Steven Lang

      Best offer I have seen with gas this year was with BP. Earlier this year if you filled up with at least eight gallons of gas four times (it may have been five) and used their card, they would send you a $10 rebate.

      Now the best thing to do is to either get one of those supermarket/gas car deals that is covered at the web site.

      Or use a 5% off gas and groceries credit card along with the 10 cents off a gallon offer some supermarkets use to entice customers (Kroger offers it here in GA).

      To be frank, I just keep track of where gas is cheapest in my weekly travels. But you CAN get a nice 7% to 10% reduction in your gas bill if you play your cards right with supermarket promos, rebates, and credit card deals.

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        At Winn-Dixie stores they have the Fuel-Perks program. For every $50 in groceries you spend you get 5 cents a gallon off at participating Shell stations. A friend of mine bought enough once to get gas for 19 cents a gallon back when gas was “only” $3 a gallon.

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        Kroger in Cincinnati also has the fuel savings with the Kroger card – and has extended the 10¢/gal to area Shell stations. The one thing you need to watch though, is what their price per gallon is compared to other places. Often, the real savings is only 5¢ to 7¢ off. Liars.

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        In my area, Kroger is competitive with the lowest-price stations, but Shell is the only Top Tier(tm) retailer in my area, and I prefer it all other things being equal. My MO is this: each time I go to Kroger I get a $50 Shell gas card. Gift cards are double points so you get the 10c/gal discount at Shell just by buying the gift card.

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    OMG free oil wheres the queue

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    6:57 EDT and the oil coupon link says the offer has expired.

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      Steven Lang

      The article was written in the middle of last week. It fell through the cracks given the hectic schedule we have at TTAC.

      But here is the site that REALLY stays on top of the deals.

      By the way, the $12 Purolator deal and $5 Bosch long-life filter. combined with the AAP coupon code, is the best ‘filter’ deal I’ve seen since 2008. I would pounce on that.

      One other thing… my link may already have ‘cookie’ issues. If you go to this thread you may have better results. Either that you can contact Valvoline directly. The offer is good thru 5/31.

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    Nah, I’ve had it with ‘rebates’. I’m still waiting for rebates from 2006, 2007 2008, 2009, and 2010 that were mailed off using Certified Mail. Like Steven Lang said, “keep track of the rebates”, and even if you keep track of them and never receive them, you’re still out of the money. Better to buy at a discount instead of relying on rebates.

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    Too bad the “now you see it, now you don’t” Valvoline VR-1 offer was so brief. VR-1 20W50 (and maybe some other VR-1 weights) is one of the very few oils that one can determine contains enough ZDDP to be safe for older (flat-tappet) motors.

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      Bummer, man. I guess that deal is too good to last after this sort of press. That’s the oil I use in my MG Midget for aforementioned ZDDP qualities.

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    Huh? When Mobil1 came out in the 70’s, it was 5 bucks a quart! I do not understand this, when a quart of standard 10-40 goes for almost 4 bucks now!

    What’s going on here? Are the additives that cheap now, or, are the manufacturers using the old trick similar to what we used to do in the 60’s to a noisy differential attached to a car we were trying to sell by stuffing the rear end with sawdust?

    This makes no sense to me, or maybe it’s too deep a subject for my shallow mind?

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      When Mobil1 first came out it was a true synthetic. To compete, Castrol came out with a refined dino oil and called it synthetic as well. But since it was just cleaned up dino oil they charged less. Mobil took them to court to force them to remove the synthetic label. Mobil lost, with the result being that synthetic can be applied to just about anything. So to compete, Mobil1 is now just a highly refined dino oil as well. There are still true synthetic oils out there but you’ll pay dearly for them.

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        “just cleaned up dino oil”

        mikedt: Isn’t that the same as the stuff I used to buy for 25¢ per quart, “Re-refined” oil?

        Thanks for the other info, though.

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    Wagon Of Fury

    Advance does not appear to carry the Bosch Distance Plus, at least not in my neck of the woods.

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      Steven Lang

      Go here and order it online…

      Choose your vehicle you have and type in oil filter. Click on the Bosch brand name. You will see it on the list.

      If your store does not have it in stock, they can order it from the warehouse. Once it comes in tell them you want to fulfill the order through the online site and ‘could they please put it in their inventory’. They will. Call back to confirm in about a half hour. You can then order the filters online and get the double discount.

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    “Arrange to pick up at the store and your total cost will be around $6.”

    Ah, nope. The drive from Anchorage would add at least $1500 to that cost.

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      Steven Lang

      If you use BIG35 or BIG40 you can arrange for direct delivery to your home.

      Here are some other coupon codes…

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    While I dont know additive prices, the base oil doesnt cost that much. Group II parafinnic (modern conventional) costs about 4.50 a gallon in the most common viscosity and Group III (synthetic) about $6 a gallon. Like soda pop, most of the retail price is advertising and promotion, not ingredients. $8 a quart for name brand synthetics does not mean it costs twice as much to make as $4 name brand conventional.

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    Strange, the PureONE and classic filters are priced the same for me but the PureONE’s are out of stock everywhere. Very odd.

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