By on May 18, 2011

Invented by a Denver Symphony Orchestra violinist in the 1950s, the Denver Boot now immobilizes parking scofflaws worldwide. While not used as frequently as, say, parking-ticket-revenue-obsessed San Francisco, the Boot still makes regular appearances in the city that gave its name to the device.

The owner of this Tahoe was probably feeling carefree on a beautiful Colorado spring day… until he or she saw this.

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8 Comments on “Denver Boot Still Sees Action In Namesake City...”

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    google “angle grinder man.”

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    So, now what?

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    I like watching Parking Wars because Garfield is such an entertaining boot installation technician. Plus it’s fun when people claim they don’t owe money on any parking tickets.

    I got booted once at College because I made a fake parking pass for my vehicle. It was pretty realistic looking, but the purple colour was slightly off compared to an official pass (courtesy of a 1997 Epson inkjet). Took a few months for the parking people to figure out out, but they did eventually. Woops. I had to pay for an actual parking pass after the boot was applied. Should have just done that in the first place… (The things you do when you’re young and stupid)

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    John Fritz

    Every time I see one of those things I think Oxy-Acetylene FTW.

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    Of course, it’s a felony to destroy the boot. And you WILL get caught, having the strongest motive and all. Best bet if revenge is an absolute must would be to quietly pay the fine, confirm which entity (municipal or state) gets custody of your fine and then discretely slash a tire on one of their vehicles every week for a year. That way there’s never enough damage per incident to trigger an insurance claim. Oh, and don’t. Get. Caught.

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    In the UK where clamping is all the rage it’s illegal to damage one once it’s on your car, but it’s also technically illegal for someone to attach one to your car in the first place (altering a vehicle without the owners prior approval).
    I was once clamped behind my university building. Little did the clamp-man know that I kept a full set of tools in my car. Off came the suspension strut and everything else it was chained to and within 45 minutes I was free. The clamp itself was never damaged – I threw it into a nearby river.

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    Instead of throwing the clamp away in a river I would’ve left it right where it was, with a note on it that said “ta-da!” or “Houdini wuz here”.

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