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When “Beijing’s car industry” (read: BAIC) put forward the suggestion to exempt EVs from the license plate lottery, and when that suggestion was adopted, those in the know said: “Great idea, bad timing.”  Why? There are no EVs one can buy in Beijing.“Beijing’s car industry” (read: BAIC) is about to change that.

CarNewsChina reports that “Beijing Auto will launch a full electric version of the BC301 hatchback and BC302 sedan in the second half of this year.”

Supposedly, the EV has a range of 130 kilometers, charging will take  6 to 7 hours on 220V (which is standard wall socket fare in China). A fast charger will be available for those who want to  install one at home. Battery life is said to be 3 years or 60.000 kilometers. No pricing yet.

The BC301 is what some claim a carbon copy of the Mercedes B Class. Buy that car, and Beijingers will think you won the lottery – twice.

Meanwhile, The Nikkei [sub] reports the results of a study done by Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting. It identifies China as the world’s hottest EV market. The percentage of consumers who are likely to purchase or lease an EV within a year is 50 percent in China, 12 percent in the US, 16 percent in Europe and 4 percent in Japan, says the study.


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