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HYPE! Yes, according to a pimptastic Morgan Stanley report [via BusinessInsider], Tesla is about to become “the 4th American Automaker,” despite the fact that it hasn’t actually built a car in any kind of volume. The report enthuses

The confluence of structural industry change, disruptive technology, changing consumer tastes and heightened national security creates an opportunity for significant new entrants in the global auto industry. California dreaming? We don’t think so. In our view, the conditions are ripe for a shake-up of a complacent, century-old industry heavily invested in the status quo of internal combustion. The risks are high. So is the opportunity. Enter Tesla.

Did you just throw up in your mouth a little? Don’t worry, there are highly convincing charts to help you learn to stop worrying and love the auto industry’s answer to Apple. After all, when it comes to Tesla, charts always tell the whole story.

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13 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Just What Tesla Needed More Of Edition...”

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    Shouldn’t that be “pumptastic” instead of “pimptastic”  being that Morgan Stanley is a stockbroker?

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    Hate to bring up an old meme but “Cocaine is a hell of a drug.”

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    Why all the hate?
    Starting a business is hard work, and creating an automobile manufacturing business is probably about 100,000 times more difficult and expensive.  If anything, the guy should be admired.  What are all of you haters doing that is so much better?  Oh let me guess.. working at your boring job, banging your fat wives, and dissing Tesla.

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      I’d admire him if those charts were the least bit sane. Estimating out to 2025, that laughable operating margin chart, it all reeks of classic Morgan Stanley Pump ‘n’ Dump.

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      With a grille like that, what’s to admire?

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      It’s precisely because we know how many automotive entrepreneurs and brands have failed that we are skeptical. I’ll believe that Tesla is something more than a boutique car company when they start selling tens of thousands of their Model S.

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      You forgot about our ugly children Dynasty. The hate comes form the fact that Musk isn’t ‘starting a business’ he’s running a Ponzi scheme, selling billions in stock off a company worth pennies that produces nothing but vapor-ware. Ten years from now he’ll either be in prison or on a beach in the Cayman’s laughing his ass off, but he won’t be selling cars.

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      Let me just add that its not just the automotive firms that have been pumped up and failed over the years, it’s firms in all fields. In 1997, Morgan Stanley predicted that Enron would deregulate all of the state of New Hampshire’s energy supply by 2000, after using the town of Peterborough as a proof of concept. Still waiting for that to happen.

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    I may be one of the few Tesla fanboys around here, but those charts by Morgan Stanley are ridiculous.  Any chart going out to 2025 should immediately be dismissed.

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    The report also predicts that in 2030, Tesla will figure out how to make a transmission with more than 1 gear.

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