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This is a good one from TheTycho, now doing business as We are instructed to ignore the flowers. Probably the byproduct of the camera in a Chinese “hand phone”, as they call it.

So there’s that army convoy, each truck pulling one cannon. Minutes later ….

The convoy is gone. However, they left a little memento behind.  Or do they drop off one each at every Sinopec station? That could mean sky-high gasoline prices! Get the jerrycans!

Nice catch, Tycho. Now who was the girl with the phone?

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8 Comments on ““Sorry, Sir. Did I Happen To Leave My Cannon At Your Gas Station?”...”

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    The gun looks to resemble the dimunitive 37mm cannons pulled by jeeps in WWll. That one must be a 75mm or there abouts.

    The restaurant looks like a McDonald’s on the moon.

    (EDIT: gas station, – sorry! But still looks like what I said!

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    It’s a Sinopec gas station. Sorry, am not familiar with cannons

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    I see the DongFeng trucks are still being used by the PLA for general utility duties…  That cannon looks like something left over from the Korean War.    I am curious though about the red car in the first picture… is that a Mitsubishi 3000GT, or some local variant of the same?
    On a somewhat related note Bertel, have you seen many of the “Brave Warrior” 4×4 around, or are the BJ2020 models still the main light vehicle of choice for the Chinese military?

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    Honestly, the only “Brave Warriors” I see is at car shows.
    I wanted to buy a BJ2020 in 2005. They still had some. But they would not sell it to me, was not allowed on my street. I’m glad I did not, it’s a stinker and won’t be allowed into Beijing.

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    The PRC blue helmets I’ve been around rolled in BJ2020s, though I have seen the BJ2022s in recent years and wondered what the hell they were.

    I’ve been seeing more and more Chinese peacekeepers around.  It took them a while, but they finally figured out that medical and construction units in conflict areas is pretty good publicity for the coming Chinese century.

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      I hope this was in Haiti and not in Sudan …

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        Darfur and South Sudan is where I’ve seen large numbers of them but the I first saw Chinese peacekeepers was in the Congo, in the Kivus in and around Bukavu and Uvira, north of Lac Tanganyika.  The Chinese really are all over the Sudan.  It’s crazy.  Can’t throw a rock without hitting a Chinese blue beanie.

        I never saw that many PRC units in Haiti.  A lot more Chileans in the areas where I was.  (Incidentally, I used to have a lot more respect for Chilean military but the goofs in Cap Haitian can be held responsible for light the match that really set off the violence in the north of Haiti back in November.)   The Chinese guys I did see were more UNIPOL.

        Normally, it’s pretty easy to tell UNIPOL and peacekeepers apart at a glance – peacekeepers are obviously military and roll in their own nation’s vehicles painted white while UNIPOL rolls in civilian SUVs (usually Toyota Land Cruisers/Prados but in Haiti, Nissan Patrols).  In big missions, this can sometimes get a little messy.

        It’s interesting to watch what different UN contingents bring into a country in terms of fleet and logistics for a lot of reasons.  The most entertaining is seeing the UN get bent over a barrel by clever locals.

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    “That cannon looks like something left over from the Korean War.”
    Were they trying to lose the gun on purpose in order to justify a claim to the government finance department for a modern upgrade?
    It could be how military funding works there, lol.

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