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Like most auto industry executives, the 2012 Nissan Tiida (Versa) had a choice to make this week: Shanghai or New York? China or Chinatown? Central Park or YuYuan Garden? Reuben or Xiaolongbao? Decisions, decisions. Speaking of which, we’re not even positive at this point that this Chinese-market Tiida (just revealed at the Shanghai show) is the same car as the US-market Versa that’s set to debut in Detroit. Either way, expect the Versa to be offered as a Compact (C-Segment) model, as its smaller brother, the Micra, is set to arrive in the US within the next 12 months or so to take over subcompact duty…

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17 Comments on “This Is Not The 2012 Nissan Versa… Or Is It?...”

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    Looks sharp.  It has headlight washers but no radio controls on the steering wheel?

    Also looks like it has the turbo engine from the Juke. Sweet!

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    Alex L. Dykes

    I think Nissan has crafted a really cute Volvo hatch. Congrats!

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    Secret Hi5

    Is it just me or is FORD spamming every picture with an ad?!

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    Nice looking little car. I noticed a Turbo badge on there as well… I’m hoping this means a ‘hot hatch’ is on the way, but I figure its more to do with the way small cars are going – smaller displacement + turbo = better fuel economy, rather than rip-snorting torque steer and tire smoke.

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    If this is a C-segment then what’s the Sentra?

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    Wow, ask and I have received news on the possible future of the Versa. Thanks, Ed!
    I quite like this, certainly more so than the current, non-offensive Versa. The thing is, if the Versa moves up to compact size, that makes the Sentra even MORE useless than it already is in Nissan’s North American lineup. Honestly, I couldn’t make a case for the Sentra when we were shopping for a new car last year, and that’s bad, because we had a Sentra that we generally liked and had never caused us any trouble. We just wanted something easier to see out of, enter, and exit. Better interior packaging was what we sought. The Cube and Versa did this so much better than even the current-gen Sentra I wondered who in their right mind would get the more expensive compact?
    The interior of this Versa looks better than the current one. The arm rests, for one, don’t do that upward, swoopy thing I found annoying when we sat in one recently (and before choosing to take home a Cube). I also like the rear end treatment. The ultimate test of design is going to be when they turn it into a sedan for all the “bait cars” you see advertised. They advertise the $10,000 Versa on TV or in the paper, often with a picture of the hatch, but when you get there, it’s the ugly duckling sedan. I’ve never liked how the Versa translated into Americanese as a sedan, to be honest.

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    Uncle Mellow

    This is a zillion times better than the current ugly-duckling Tiida/Versa.

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    Interesting possibility raised here: the Tiida is badged as a Sentra here, the Micra as the new Versa.
    It would be interesting to see if and how Nissan pulls it off because the Versa, while being a pretty good car, is destroying its competition because it’s, well, bigger and more comfortable for comparatively little money.  Add a couple grand to the Versa’s price tag and send it to battle with the Corolla et al and things don’t look so rosy.  Meanwhile, the Micra/Versa is stuck as just another subcompact among many, without the Tiida/Versa’s advantage of packaging.
    I can’t see this working out, even if they eliminate the Sentra nameplate altogether.  It sounds like Nissan is going to try to make margin on a Tiida/Sentra, while not increasing volume.  That’s okay, but they’re going to murder B-segment sales.

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    The snout has a strong Lexus resemblance. Otherwise, meh.

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    Quiet comfortable ride, 188 hp turbo, CVT.
    The right price would make this a ‘must see’ for me.

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    This resembles a mini Rogue (which is itself a mini Verano). If this comes with the turbo 1.6 and a stick, I will be hard pressed to keep my wife out of buying one.

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    ahhh, Turbocharging….  Nothing as soothing as the sucking sound of the money being extracted from your wallet when it fails.

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    i think Nissan design is heading the way of the korean cars of old… boring, safe, unimaginative, uncle, ugly even. What irks me is that this same company can produce gems like Fairlady Z, Murano, and this beauty

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    It’s too bad the best your beloved GM can do is a 3900lb understeering pig.
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