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    Having known David  for 28 years, I would say that Jack Baruth’s dislike what DED did to combine automobiles and lifestyle indicates both that he didn’t know David, nor does he have a clue what drove him. David didn’t pretend to live a lavish, Edwardian lifestyle. David lived a lavish Edwardian Lifestyle. It was simply his contention that there were others out there, car lovers, that also lived this way. And, DED was speaking to them.

    DED Jr was a salesman. YES! He actually started his sales career with Max Hoffman, the original importer of VW, Porsche and BMW in the United States right after WWII when Germany was still hated by most Americans. He went on to a mega-buck salary at Campbell-Ewald Advertising — GM’s Ad Agency for decades, where he sold GTOs and Corvettes to the masses, working with other flamboyant salespeople like John Delorian and Zora Arkus Duntov. He was a salesman, to the core.

    When he arrived at Car & Driver, car magazines were silly publications that either appealed to kids with dirty fingernails or pay for play mouthpieces for car company ad agencies. It took him a while, but he did change all of that. Was he still a salesman? You bet. But he made C & D a fun, smart read that also had loads of integrity. He held his staff to super high journalistic standards and really kept advertising from affecting the editorial side of the book. He took C & D from a low market position to the number one automotive magazine in the world. And, it wasn’t just good timing, it was DED Jr.’s shear will, determination and quest for excellence that engineered all of that.
    David didn’t pretend to be rich. He was rich. David didn’t pretend to love whiskey and fine (but silly) clothes. He did love that. It wasn’t a show. The guys that hated that lifestyle were never David’s audience. And, that was just fine with him. But, David never looked down his nose at them, the way they look down on him with disdain.

    Most important David loved cars and driving and travel to interesting places. And to him a car didn’t have to be expensive, but it did have to have character. Just like DED Jr himself, a distinguishing character was all important. That’s what “No boring cars!” meant, nothing else.

    Lets face it, there are a lot of folks that out of jealousy or fear or upbringing absolutely hate expensive cars. Just like they hate Ivy League Universities, BMW drivers and wealthy people in general. So, to these guys DED was the embodiment of all of those things they hated.

    David E. Davis, Jr. was a lot of things, but he was never a poser. He was the real deal.

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