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When the two extreme ends of the car world collide, there’s bound to be a at least a little tension. So when the first day of LeMons Sears Pointless 2011 overlapped with a track day for Ferrari Challenge customers, the clash of cultures was palpable. Especially when Team Kicking Ass pulled their “250 GTO” into the Prancing Horse’s garage and started snickering about “those cute six figure Ferraris” (i.e. the not-for-public-consumption 458 Challenge). Because real Ferraris have to be bought at auctions… even if they still have “Datsun” on the valve cover.

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9 Comments on “How Cute… A Six-Figure Ferrari...”

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    I betcha the Cali plate’s worth more than the car! I’m surprised it wasn’t swiped by the club.

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      We pulled the plate every night. Came off a “real” fake 250 GTO I built in the 80’s. This car was a “fake” fake.
      2 part expanding foam, carved with a old saw and body files. Damn near indestructible. We got tagged a couple of times in the race, and just a couple of scrapes in the foam. It is like the crash absorbing bumper foam. Was supposed to look like a LeMons car!
      We won the Organizer’s Choice trophy, one of the 3 money paying awards. Pretty cool doing the podium in front of about a thousand other drivers…

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    Sometimes people categorize paint condition by how many feet back you need to stand for the car to look good – ie, a twenty-foot paint job.

    While the ‘250 GTO’ is inspired, the paint and bondo job is more like a twenty miler. Or, here, ‘a don’t click the thumb to expand the pix’.

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    Oh the double-takes that must have occurred as the Ferraristi walked into the garage!

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    “real Ferraris have to be bought at auctions”

    I’d happily bid for that GTO on ebay rather than some ratty old 328.

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    Cam, or rocker arm cover, please. Have you lost your Stroker McGurk catalog?

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    But is the Ferrari California 384x better than the Ferrari Bondo as the MRSP difference would suggest?
    Well… in this case there is a good chance it is!

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    That’s bondo?  I thought the front clip was made of marzipan.

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    The LeMons car looks like it was made out of Play-Doh.

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