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The French government has its hands full pounding Gadaffi’s tanks and artillery pieces into pulp. At the same time, the French government decided not to destabilize carmaker Renault. French Industry Minister Eric Besson said the latter part when he was asked whether he’s calling for Carlos Ghosn’s head after the espionage scandal had turned into a farce.

“As industry minister, I hear the voice of the people asking for punishment, but the industry minister’s greater concern at this time is not to destabilize Renault any further,” Besson told RFI radio ( via Reuters) in an interview.

After all, Besson remarked, Ghosn also is the man in charge at Nissan, which is facing a major industrial challenge with the launch of electric cars.

Yes, it’s the same Besson that had accused other (not explicitly named) nations of waging “economic warfare.” An accusation the Chinese swiftly denied.

Last week, Chinese government media wallowed in reporting about the “fraud-based hoax”. China’s Foreign Ministry rapped some knuckles and “said on Thursday that it hoped people checked facts before unjustly implicating the country,” The China Post says.

After Besson and Finance Minister Christine Lagarde had issued a joint statement last week saying the government would deal with anyone responsible for brouhaha, heads were expected to roll. Ghosn and his right-hand man Patrick Pelata still have their jobs. Pelata tendered his resignation, but Ghosn rejected it, “in the interests of Renault,” Ghosn, Pelata and other executives involved in the case will return 2010 bonuses and receive no stock options this year,

“Separately, Besson said he has no fears about a radioactive cloud that could reach France from Japan’s crippled Fukushima Dai-Ichi plant,” Bloomberg reports.

How about a new Industry Minister?

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