By on March 26, 2011

You’ve seen the timelapse video of the Sears Pointless 24 Hours of LeMons BS Inspections, but the timelapse camera didn’t capture the twisted cars and car themes we saw Friday.

How many Charlie Sheen themes can you get at one race? We had three.

An Audi GT!

The most accurate mid-80s custom minitruck theme ever, complete with Tigra and Bunny. I’m too tired to write more now, and I’ll be back at the track at oh-dark-thirty AM tomorrow, so here’s a big gallery to keep your LeMons jones under control.

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4 Comments on “Charlie Sheen, Charlie Sheen, Tigra, and Bunny: Sears Pointless BS Inspection Gallery...”

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    If the Model T GT makes it though the race, it could easily be converted into the “Beverly Hillbilly’s” truck for the next race.

    I am cheerleading for the Audi Coupe GT.   Always wanted one, even to this day.  I can’t figure out why? 
    Has a 5 cylinder Audi ever completed the Lemons?
    I ask this because my 1984 Audi 5000 Avant seems to need repairs well before 24 hours of normal street driving! 

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    Is the Model T a Super 7 under that? That’s gotta be worth more than $500! And who’s got a car carrier? Actually, how well financed are some of these teams? I always thought it was a more frugal run whatcha brung type deal.

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    Why is there a photo of the pissoirs?

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    I thought I saw a Maser and a Ferrari in the BS Inspection time-lapse!  The truth comes out…
    Thanks, Murilee!

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