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    DC Bruce

    Not to be grumpy, but on my computer, the “lightbox” doesn’t work correctly.  It only shows one photo and does not advance to “next.”
    Reading your review is almost as fun as driving the car probably is.  De gustibius non disputandum est and all that, but I would prefer to see this car dressed out like the “Bullitt” edition, without the “Bullitt” gas cap, in either black or dark green.  A car this fast doesn’t have to advertise . . . and “arrest-me-red” and similar colors just inflame the local constabulary.
    Your complaints about hot cars having poor brakes is becoming a theme — and the point is obvious: none of these cars — stock — is fit for track duty.  End of story.  Whether they should be is really a marketing question: should buyers pay for a car with track-ready brakes?  I think the answer is probably yes for the limited edition model: if FoMoCo is going to rip out the back seat, then they should include the cost of some serious brakes.
    Otherwise, it seems to me that the question is whether any of these hot cars (BMW M3, Mustang GT, Boss 302 etc.) has brakes that are adequate to the needs of a street driver who is going to exercise the car’s performance capabilities with some degree of sanity in a street environment in the U.S.  If the car doesn’t have brakes that meet that test, then it’s fair to criticize the manufacturer.  IIRC, your review of the SHO says that car’s brakes don’t meet the test, and IIRC, other reviewers said the same.  In my personal experience, the ’87 Mustang GT I owned had shockingly poor brakes (unless one assumed that the car would exceed the then mandatory 55 mph highway speed limit by only 10 mph) and the ’92 SHO that I owned was only slightly better.  After I replaced my SHO, I found the brakes in my ’01 Z3 were a revelation, in terms of effectiveness, predictability, controlability, etc.  I don’t know what it says about my driving, but the brake pads in my Z3 have never been replaced since I bought it as a CPO car in 2003.  My mechanic — the best independent BMW shop in DC Metro — said they were still good when I took the car in for the 55k maintenance last November.  To my regret, we sold our West Virginia house in 2000, which was a very fun drive from here; and I’ve never had the chance to exercise the Z on that road.

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