By on February 12, 2011

The attentive reader of TTAC is not surprised by the news provided by Automobilwoche [sub] that Toyota will introduce a plug-in version of its iQ by 2012. It had been on Toyota’s green roadmap for months. The (not really) surprising news is: You won’t be able to buy the EV iQ when it gets launched.

At least not in Europe. A Toyota Europe spokesperson told Automobilwoche that the car will only be available as a lease. Leases appear to be a favorite way of carmakers to enter the plug-in market with caution.

Funny coincidence: The picture of the battery-operated Toyota iQ that accompanies the article in Automobilwoche (above) was taken in the exact same spot (left) where I had a quickie test drive of the conventionally powered iQ last December.

If you want a faux Italian background in Tokyo, cobbled streets and all, there is no better place than Toyota’s Mega Web site.

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