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Visitors of the Geneva International Motor Show will be able to lay their sweaty palms on the facelifted version of Volkswagen’s pocket-Touareg, the Tiguan. The Touareg’s smaller sibling has been a surprising success, with 572,000 units delivered worldwide so far.

Volkswagen prides itself of having “the only SUV in its class that can be ordered in two different versions: one for on-road use and one specially tuned for off-road driving.” Urban cowboys can brave the challenges of city driving with an 18 degrees angle of attack. The Tiguan with the larger 28 degree angle is targeted at drivers who are faced with terrain rougher than potholed NYC streets.

In Europe, the Tiguan can be ordered with one of seven engines, three of them, all turbo-charged four-cylinder direct-injection engines, are new to the trucklet: There are four gasoline engines between 122 hp and 210 hp. Three turbocharged TDI diesel engines deliver between 110 hp and 170 hp. A 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox (DSG) is available as an option.

In Germany, the Tiguan can be bought at an entry-level price of €24,175 ($33,081). Kindly perform your own VAT, purchase power and burger index adjustments.

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12 Comments on “New Tiguan: Dual Use Technology...”

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    Sigh. Why does VWoA hate us?

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      I would like to see two Tiguan’s here in the US:
      1. 2.0T
      2. 2.0TDI
      Both with optional manual transmission.  I know that won’t happen, so I’ll happily take the 2.0T with a manual, thank you.

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    johnny ro

    If you (and I) were the majority, they might love us.

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    2 different noses x 7 engines x 2 transmissions = 28 different versions already, and that’s before you pick seat color.

    The fun part is they show ’em in California, where you can order any version, so long as it is either one offered in the US market.

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    They’d sell more if it had a cooler name.

    I sat in one at last year’s auto show, and must admit that I really liked it.  Then I remembered what owning a VW was like for me, and moved on.

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      Touche. When will they understand that is not because they aren’t building desirable cars, or we can’t afford the pricetag. We just don’t want to foot repair bills based on crappy reliability.
      Ironically, in an effort to get the price down so they can sell more cars they have started using the older, more unreliable engines that got them into a reliability rut to begin with. *sigh*

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    An off-road version and an on-road version?

    An on-road version.  Oh you mean like a station wagon?  ;) 

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    Do USA car companies wave unavailable products in the face of overseas customers?
    VW, Audi and Subaru do this a lot to their USA customers.  It is as if they are trying to say “Look at how GREAT we are because of these unique products that you CAN’T HAVE!”  Frankly, it’s boring and annoying.
    Meanwhile, it’s interesting that the Tiguan 4-motion, with its trick DI engine and 6 speed auto, is both slower and has same fuel economy as the Subaru Forester XT using a much older port injection engine and despised (by journalists) 4 speed automatic.

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      It’s a car show in Switzerland.  That’s waving it in your face?

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      per comment above, that show in Switzerland is not part of the tendency I mentioned earlier.
      But if one checks out other car sites, you’ll see plenty of examples of auto products hyped that are not offered here (sometimes those products are shown in the USA). Those publications often lament the lack of those models being offered here.

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    Is there a low gear on that thing? My experience with RAV4 demonstrated that as far as clearance and approach/departure angles it can go on par with the cheaper stocker jeeps easily, without any “mods” like those VW touts. But it had absolutely no climbing ability. It looks to me that VW is trying to deceive buyers.

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