By on February 1, 2011

Most automakers are suspending operations in Egypt while riots continue. Here is a list of current closures:

  • GM has halted operations at its plant near Cairo.-
  • Daimler has stopped production at its Egypt plant.
  • BMW shut down assembly in Egypt.
  • Volkswagen stopped deliveries to Egypt.
  • Nissan closed its factory in Egypt.
  • Suzuki shut down its joint-venture plant in Egypt

    Above list as per Automotive News [sub] and The Nikkei [sub]

After South Africa, Egypt is the second largest car producing nation in Africa, and is an important export destination.

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11 Comments on “Carmakers Shutter Plants In Egypt As Riots Escalate...”

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    I thought China wasn’t allowing search terms that began with “Egypt”?  :)

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      Do they?

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      I am in China for the Chinese New Year relaxing a bit.   It is lower cost & hassle than a round trip back to the states for a week.   Sort of like working at home!   

      That said, I am surprised that there is full CNN coverage on TV at the hotel I am at.

      The “China Daily’ newspaper front page talks about sending a flight to bring Chinese passengers back home.   They even mention that it is an anti-government protest.
      China daily quote “The protestor’s demands include an end to Egyption President Hosni Mubarak’s rule, a change to the political system and effective efforts to fight corruption and improve people’s wellbeing.”   

      I think this is a milestone regarding open information in China or all the censors are on holiday!

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      See? Don’t trust CBS. They are subverted by commies.

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      I said ‘search terms’, people.  Learn to read.

      Unless you were all being facetious like I was the whole time, in which case, touche!

      And for the record, CBS is subverted by naive liberals, while MSNBC is subverted by commies.  Glad we’ve cleared that up… :)

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    Dang I didn’t even know that Egypt had that many car factories. 

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    I thought that Chrysler makes Wranglers there from knock down kits.

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    USA media is well-proven to be self-censored in many ways via advertisers and the requirement of so MANY media as a profit-seeking venue.
    Many historians agree that the masses of well-indoctrinated sheep within the USA were prodded into backing the few actually desiring war with Spain so that the “USA empire” could be expanded and a convenient foreign base in Asian waters acquired.
    Recommended reading for all:
    War is a Racket
    by  Major General Smedley D. Butler  USMC, Retired

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