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Yeah, yeah, we know… wood and beige leather are out, edgy and blacked-out are in. But did anyone expect that these hot, youthful trends would give rise to a murdered-out factory special Cadillac CTS-V Coupe? Now, more than ever, this thing is “Darth Vader meets Don Draper.”

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25 Comments on “Cadillac Knows What The Kids Want...”

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    I want to says something negative about this, yet I really like it. Is that wrong?

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    An Armani tuxedo???
    It looks better in black but it´s still fugly.

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    Isn’t that the same sparkly makeup used by strippers?

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    POS interior – but if that’s what the kids want..

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      Come on, that interior is NOT a POS.  What is so poor about it?  Unless the General de-contented it since I saw it at the car show two years ago, I thought it was tasteful and high quality.

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    Those rear quarter panels still strike me as the weakest part of the CTS-V’s design.  It looks like the sort of sheet metal work I’d see done on cars in the early-mid seveties when everyone wanted their cars jacked up in the back with huge slicks, but to comply with local regulations they’d build some grotesque fender flare to cover the twelve inch wide tires.  The whole rear quarter looks like an afterthought. 

    Whatever the kids want, I’m pretty sure this ain’t it. 

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    Does the fact that Cadillac has an employee with the title “Creative Designer – Exterior Paint” say something about corporate bloat?

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    M 1

    I wanted the CTS-V in 2005 but they couldn’t keep all those spinny geary bits inside the diff case.
    I thought it was ugly as hell then, and I think they’re still pretty ugly, but go drive one and you’ll probably want it too, unless your checking account balance is legitimately in, say, S-class AMG territory.

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    Matthew Sullivan

    The phrase “none more black” keeps coming to mind…

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    Cadillac would be better served with more Cotton Club elegance and less Hip Hop slick.

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    Well if you’re looking for a reason why Cadillac sold as many vehicles as Lexus last month, and sold more cars than Lexus did versus SUV sales…the buyers are speaking with their wallets.

    In other news Hell froze over as a super storm swept through the Great Lakes on its way to Hell…

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    It’s missing one thing… Please give it a real wood steering wheel and shifter, otherwise I like it.  Although I guess if I’m saying that I’m missing the point. 

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    Any particular reason __why__ “the kids” love this and other rolling coal bins, inside and out?  Do they think black makes them “invisible”?
    One thing for sure – the S.Californians driving these will be roasting in the summer.

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      I prefer a black interior over any other color, apparently many people don’t.
      What’s this nonsense about being “invisible”?
      I have to say that I never liked Cadillacs at all until recently. If I had the cash, I would have one of these. Probably not in black though. I just traded a black car in.

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    Is it just me or does this look like the cheap “Bass Boat” metallic paint that people paint the ghetto cruisers that drive around Houston. 

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    “Creative Design” by “Rich Pinto”?

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    That car suits the targeted demographic just as it should.  Though, I will say the murdered look was already old in ’08.  Next up is the “snowed in”, all white everything, powder-coated white rims, but with a navy pinstripe seat.  Just check out the white line in Houston.  Why didn’t they do this to the DTS back in the day?

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