By on January 19, 2011

China’s Chongqing Changan is entering the lion’s den. The Chinese joint venture partner of Ford, Suzuki, and PSA will open a research center in Detroit and draw from the rich talent pool. Changan will become the first Chinese automobile company to establish such a center in the US, Gasgoo says.

Changan’s research center will focus on chassis research, design, development and construction. The results of the research will be applied to upcoming mid- and high-grade sedans and multi-purpose SUVs. “Establishing the US research center will supply Changan Motors with international automobile science and technology and will be an important driving force in improving the global automobile industry,” said company CEO Xu Liuping.

Changan has previously opened research centers in Turin, Yokohama and Nottingham, UK. Changan is China’s fourth largest automaker, a state owned enterprise with China Weaponry Equipment as parent.[

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4 Comments on “Changan Does Research In Detroit...”

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    What a strange design; for sure, rear visibility was not taken into account.  Good luck to park.

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    It effectively answers the question “What would Tron drive?”

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    is a waste of money anyways, nowadays internet is so quick, anything happens here will be all over the world in 10 secs.
    one can give a free hand to any designers, but u need $,$,$ to build them, and very deep pockets.
    then anybody will buy it if it has a chinese co name?
    these folks are just like 20 yrs ago as the japanese invaded this shore with green back, in the end who laughed all the way to the bank?
    they will take many yrs to build a car and be able to sell like hot cakes in this shore.
    they missed the boat, as should have bought crysler 2 yrs ago. but who could foretell the economy would recover so quick. sergio did a long shot, as he has nothing down and walked away with 20%, plus cant wait for getting more shares as time goes.
    look at the early toyo gt, it cost as much as a porsche anybody touched them? so as the new toyo, priced as much as a prancing horse, have they sold like hot cakes?

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    The ironic truth is that though the domestic automakers have shrunk Detroit is more than ever the global center of the auto industry. Almost every company that does business in the automotive sector in North America has some kind of production, research or business operation in southeastern Michigan. There are also facilities tied to companies that aren’t currently selling retail vehicles in NA.
    Detroit is to cars as NYC is to finance or LA is to movies. Most London banks have offices in NYC. I’m guessing that the more successful Indian “Bollywood” filmmakers have offices in Los Angeles. If you want to be in the game, you have to be near Detroit.
    Much as Elon Musk may put down Detroit and how things are done here, Tesla still has an engineering office in Pontiac with a few dozen engineers.
    Still, I’d be reluctant to take a job with Changan, a state owned enterprise with China Weaponry Equipment as parent. Not a big fan of gulags and laogai.

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