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According to Cardinal Giovanni Lajolo, the Warlord of Vatican City, His Holiness “would certainly prefer an electric popemobile to a traditional, petroleum-powered one.” I suggest the 1976 Sebring-Vanguard Citicar!
Of course, Benedict VXI might be more of an old-school electric-car guy, in which case he’ll want something a little more classic than the Citicar. How about a B&Z Electric Car Electra King?

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11 Comments on “Pope Benedict XVI Shopping For Electric Popemobile...”

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    Well an electric milk float as seen all over the UK when I was a boy (19505) would seem the ideal base for this just bolt the bullet proof box from the last Land Rover Based version onto a milk float and Robert is your parents brother

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    I hope his security detail never needs to do a long-distance run away from Bad Guys.

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    Robert Schwartz

    If he really wants classic, I would like to suggest my great-grandmothers Baker Electric.

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    I wonder if his sky-daddy told him to do it or he is just jumping on the voting mob’s PC stupidities…

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    an electric car  u can hide but cannot run thats all.

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    I found him a dealer, maybe I can get an indulgence as a finders fee.

    It looks like the one in the foreground is already undergoing bulletproofing.

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    M 1

    I always get a laugh out of the highly-optimistic NACA duct on the front of the Citicar.
    “It’s too boxy. Add something aerodynamic-looking to the front. Yes, perfect!”

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    slow kills

    A common trope on automotive call-in shows is the retired geezer that drives up to 100 miles per month wanting to wait till 3,000 miles for an oil change.  I think electric vehicles are a a better fit for the low-use crowd that wants to skimp on maintenance.
    I say Corbin Sparrow, or hold off for that Fiskar Karma (and ignore the model name).

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    Man, did that picture bring back some memories.  Erie, PA, mid-70’s, and I had constant use of my buddy’s CitiCar.  It definitely convinced me on the worthwhileness of an electric car for urban transport.  It equally convinced me that the Sebring-Vanguard model was not the answer to the question.
    Basically a bodied golf cart with absymal brakes (as in the mechanism could snap, not under performing brake shoes), a cage of (memory don’t fail me now) 2.5″ or 3″ steel tubing upon which thermoplastic sheets were pop riveted on, and a propane heater on the passenger floor.  It worked, however.  As long as the batteries held up.
    I probably understand the concept of range anxiety better than anyone posting on this board.  Been working on some notes to revive my memories.  Hopefully will be submitting an article on the vehicle sometime soon.

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    Duh – he needs to go old-school and get a Pope-Waverly! (pops)

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    Of course he should consider Top Gear’s Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust. Hammond even stated with his head in the transparent (and very sturdy) ‘headbox’ that he felt like the pope already.

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