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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a Mitsubishi Evo… or not. What we’re actually looking at here is a Proton Jebat, Malaysia’s (copied) answer to the Evo X. And though Proton got the Evo X’s looks down to a T, they weren’t quite able to replicate the rally-bred Mitsu’s secret sauce performance-wise. Proton’s two-liter turbo four makes a mere 237 HP and 253 lb-ft compared to the Evo’s 291 HP and 300 lb-ft. Still, because the Inspira on which the Jebat is based is essentially a rebadged Lancer, there’s a chance that the Jebat has a Mitsu-developed AWD system under the skin… but Proton’s not saying. And the Lancer-alike Jebat isn’t the only rebadged Proton the Malaysian OEM has put out of late. A rebadged Lotus Europa was also shown at the recent Malaysian Auto Show as the Proton Lekir, powered by a 1.6 liter Proton engine. Yes, Virginia, countries other than China are dependent on rebadges and knock-offs for new product…

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11 Comments on “Not All Ripoffs Come From China…....”

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    Now if only they sold them here…

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    1. Buy Evo X’s
    2. Paint random parts flat black
    3. Replace badges
    4. ????
    5. PROFIT!

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    Are you sure this is a copy? I reckon there’s an 8th generation Lancer under all that matt black plastic. I was under the impression that 75% of all Protons cars were older Mitsubishi designs. Lift up the bonnet on a first generation Proton Satria or Wira and you’ll see a Mitsubishi symbol cast into the side of the engine block.

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    Well this is a turnabout. An Asian car company rebadging two cars is no new thing, but to pick two of the most desirable halo cars out there for your branding pleasure is really something else. Screw it, I approve.

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    maybe this car will come with a proper stick shift…

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    Well, Mitsubishi and Proton have a licensing agreement, so I don’t see how this can be compared to the Chinese when this was done legally. Are we gonna call the departed Pontiac Vibe a Toyota Matrix knock-off? Proton owns Lotus, so what’s the big deal here?

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    No matter how righteous the western world considers itself, no one has any authority over the choices of others, nuclear weapons or not. I’m glad they built it, if it was up to the western world people might still be driving those 3 wheeled motor wagons, oh wait they are. The world needs more balanced capitalism.

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    Acc azda atch

    Completely reminds me of a Seat Ibiza Bocanegra!

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    Kia have form here too, with their WRX rip-off Rio ‘Rally’ bodykit released a few years back:

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    Ugh…its not a “rip off” or a “copy”.
    Mitsubishi has sold their older toolings to Proton for years. And Proton have successfully rallied the Evolution under the Proton name as the Wira (Evo-III) and the Pert (Evo V,VI, and VII) in the Asia Pacific and Malaysian Rally Championships. This is simply a reskinned Ralli-Art Lancer. Calling this a “copy” is a bit of an insult to Proton and Mitsubishi.

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    If you took away the black crap and painted the car a nice colour the coupe would be a significant step up from the Eclipse sold her, at least in appearance.

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