By on December 1, 2010

As is often the case, owners of the Clued CC have a substantial advantage. But when the very piece of sheet metal is sitting in the next room for handy reference, it’s almost cheating. Our last winner majo8 is restoring a ’67 XR7, so he’s highly worthy even if he was clued in.  And there were a particularly amusing and wide range of guesses. Keep up the good work!

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7 Comments on “Curbside Classic Clue...”

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    Austin Greene

    1958 Corvette

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    1963 Pontiac Tempest

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    Dr Lemming

    If it is a Tempest I’d suggest that the 1961-62 better fits the part.

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    Mercury Turnpike Cruiser. Just a hunch because we’re on an unofficial Mercury week and the Turnpike Cruiser was indicative of all that was wrong about Mercury.

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    The angle of the dangle creates a mental jiggle that subtly whispers to me Ford Zephyr and I have no idea why.
    Too lazy to look up years the model existed.
    So thus I depart with still no idea as to the reality of this situation.
    Just that little mental sniggle that could easily be attributed to one or more mis-firing synapses.

    Oh, the Fairmont thing…. 70s/80s??? the model that seems to have disappeared from the roads. I NEVER see any of ’em.

    Were they all stolen and dumped in gravel pits with bodies in the trunk?

    NO!!!!!!!!! WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A new niggle ™

    That Dodge Mirada or whatever with the slanted nose.

    Early 80s?

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    1969 Mercury Marauder. But not an X-100 model. Yes, I cheated by looking at the latest Curbside Classic.

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    No wonder I had such a hard time with this clue — it’s one of the first clues I’ve seen that has been rotated from it’s natural perspective.  Is this to be expected of future clues as well?

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