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1968 Chevrolet Impala SS convertibleI see a fair number of total beater 1960s Detroit convertibles on the street, and nicely restored examples show up from time to time, but I’m not sure what to make of this clean-but-nowhere-near-show-quality Impala SS parked on a freezing night in downtown Denver.
This car appears to have about five years of wear on it— original paint, original interior, not obsessively cared for but just not old-looking. How? Why? It’s possible that it spent 35 years in a garage… or perhaps it just popped out of a wormhole from 1973! Sorry about the crappy cell-phone photos; I don’t bring my good camera on late-night taco-obtainment missions.

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13 Comments on “Time Traveler ’68 Impala SS Convertible Wakes Up In Denver...”

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    Hard to tell much from those photos, but I get the feeling that if you saw my ’74 Fleetwood Brougham, you might describe it the same way.  This is what you have when you have a good well kept original car that is unrestored but also is not a “car in a bubble” museum piece.

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    Nice.  Love finding cars like this just out and about, not show queens, just doing the job their makers intended all those years ago when a factory spit them out.  One of my coworkers drives a 1983 Malibu sedan in light blue with a matching interior (solid front bench) to work everyday like its no big thing, another drives a 1963 Corvair coupe at least once a week, and a third has a 1970s BMW that he drives daily.  All of them have the faded paint, solid but dirty body, and presentable interior.  The 2 Chevrolets look the best but certainly aren’t show quality.  The Bimmer has a little rust and the interior is a little rough but all 3 are completely unpretentious.

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    I’ve got a 67 Camaro like that.
    The most deteriorated parts are rubber.
    The body mounts look like they’ve been attacked by termites.

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    That’s my hood — round the corner from the Hornet, El Diablo and the Skylark Lounge! Nice find! I’d love to grab a drink and swap stories with any TTAC fans in the Broadway dives.


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    Cool find! I suspect this one has been hiding in storage for awhile. These old chevs were everywhere in the 70’s when I came of driving age. Even then it was rare to see one that wasn’t rotted out, at least around here. I hope the owner treats this one with respect, but still uses it the way god and GM intended. I can hear the 307 idling and the powerglide thunking into drive now….

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    Great find!
    I grew up in – and drove for 14 years – a cousin of this car (Caprice, same year, same color). In the family since new, it endured my high school and college transgressions (396 engine swap, high speed road trips when MT had no speed limit, and general sideways, tire-smoking hoonage). The car was like the Tick – nigh invulnerable. Ended up with a fleet of these – SS’s, fastbacks, sedans. All gone now.
    Always wanted a convertible version. Thanks for jogging the memory!

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    Waxing that hood would be akin to plowing the lower 40.

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    Nice find! I really like to see cars like these when I don’t expect seeing one!
    A few years ago, at this time of the year, a snow storm began while I was eating at a restaurant with my grand parents. As we left, I removed snow from my ’67 Riviera GS and I thought I should have stored the car for winter a bit earlier… As we were leaving the parking, I saw an original-looking ’38 Buick partially covered with snow entering in the parking!

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    Interesting. If you type “76 Broadway, Denver, CO” into Google maps and go to street view, you get an instant Curbside Comparo between what looks like a ’68 Ford F-100 and a ’08 F-150. The location is only a few buildings up from where this Impala sits.

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    That is KOOL…My grandmother had a 1968 Impala Custom, Avocado green with a black vinyl top and a 327. I really miss that car…they traded it in for a 1986 Buick Rivera…bad move.

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    On a very rare 20-degree day in Tacoma last Tuesday we saw a 1969 Pontiac convertible. Didn’t get a good look at it, as it had turned by the time we got to the intersection. An odd day for such a car to be out as there was road sand everywhere.

    That Impala does have a collector vehicle plate on it rather than normal pass. plates.

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    My ’77 Chevelle would be considered a decently maintained original car, down to the faded and in some places down to the primer original metallic green paint. I’m fixing the interior up, and making it mechanically sound, but leaving the exterior alone for now, as I’m not afraid to drive it on long road trips, to work, run errands, basically drive it like it was meant to be used. Heck in the 18 months I’ve owned it, I’ve put 10,000 miles on it.
    Sorting the 305 out and swapping the fried THM-350 gives me great pleasure after deaing with computers all day.
    I had a ’76 as my daily driver for my first 8 years of my driving career so I’m no stranger to it. Where I work there are tons of BMW and Mercs, but that slightly battered and worn Chevelle gets the looks. Unlike sis’ BMW 3 er which I feel completely invisible in.

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