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A new day or a false dawn? Check out Dodge’s freshly-refreshed lineup and let us know which way you’re leaning…

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37 Comments on “LA Auto Show: The New Dodge...”

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    Nowhere for me. Large SUVs and expensive muscle cars. Would like to see a smaller performance type vehicle from these guys with quality you could count on.

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    Jack Baruth

    Incidentally, I drove all these cars last weekend and will have reviews next week.

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    For some reason the headlights on that new Dodge reminds me of a Corvair Van.

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    Domestic Hearse

    Over to the left…must…drink…more…coffee. New Dodge metal not enough to keep me from nodding off.

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    None of this looks very fresh compared to what Ford has in the pipeline, even some GM product for that matter.

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      Were both of those companies able to do entire model line renewal or refreshes in this amount of time… with this amount of money.
      I hate to sound like a cheerleader here…. trust me.. im not, the interiors on past cars might have actually given me plastic cuts….
      But this automatic dismissal isn’t warranted.
      I’m waiting to see what Jack thinks of these products. Motortrend already has put up their thoughts on their website and they were very plesantly surprised.

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    I’m impressed with how quickly Chrysler’s been able to fix a lot of what’s wrong with their lineup. They’ve still got a (long) ways to go but if they drive and last as well as they look, they may have a future.

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    I never really cared for the hard macho Dodge direction of the past 10 years.
    It sort of reminded me of something a pretty tough kid once told me after he saved my ass from an whooping (his whooping).
    He told me to keep a low profile and don’t go around with an attitude challenging others.
    Sooner or later somebody would take on the challenge.
    It sort of like gun fighting…sooner or later you get killed.
    It’s just a matter of time.

    I feel this way about cars expressing my manhood.
    Manhood is just like gun fighting…there are just so many faster, and more manly!

    It’s better to just walk softly and carry a hidden stick.

    So, long story short…I like the new rounded looks.
    I really like the side sculpture of the Challenger.

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    You can sure tell their financial condition from that spartan display area! Long gone are the days of leaping minivans (NAIAS) or Rams dragging the audience as payload (Chicago). I was with their product PR department back in those days. Unfortunately the new offerings don’t help much in dressing up the stand, and neither does the overall quality of these photos.     

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      my favorite was always the Jeep waterfall that dropped water messages. I’d stand there trying to figure out how long it took them to get “Jeep – There’s only one” in falling water. Then I’d have to pee.

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    Dodge’s issue isn’t looks.  Overall many of their products are very good looking.  The problems are:

    1)  Fleet sales queens kills resale value and sends TCO through the roof
    2)  Crappy product quality
    3)  Interiors that have more in common with a Coleman cooler than an automotive interior
    4)  Crappy product quality
    5)  Hey, lets put a HEMI in it! (OK, they’ve dropped HEMI from marketing).  Dodge would have put a HEMI in a Neon if they could have got it to fit.
    6)  Crappy product quallity
    7)  Over reliance of minivan sales to pay the bills as the minivan fell out of favor
    8)  Oh ya, crappy product quality
    9)  There is no number nine
    10) Crappy product quality

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      Do you see these issues here? Do the interior’s look like the the inside of a cooler?
      Surely you jest… have you been inside a Toyota recently?
      Its been fun and games to have Chrysler as a whipping boy the last couple of years, but I don’t see how this improvement can be ignored on such little budget.

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      @Roundel Pictures don’t tell the story on interior.  It can look great (Pontiac G8) but in reality not be as good as it looks.  Take a look at pictures of a Saturn Relay FWD3 from 2005.  They look GREAT on the interior.  Most plastic is hard and shiny, and the material on the seats that is allegedly leather came from a naugahyde ranch.  How many naugahs had to die to make that Saturn Relay interior!

      I had a rental Dodge Charger in 2009, and its interior had more in common with a plastic cooler than a car.  Dodge Caliber (now slated for execution).  It may look “great” in a pic, but I have to feel/touch/smell to get the real story.

      Oh yes, I have suffered through a number of recent Toyota products and their absolutely horrible interiors.  I thought I was going to blackout in a rental Camry LE from all of the outgassing fumes.  Poor fit, hard materials, gaps, and incredibly cheap.  My sister’s ’97 Camry has a better interior than the ’08 I had as a rental.

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      Take a look inside a new Grand Cherokee and you will see that its not just smoke and mirrors.

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      Hey, lets put a HEMI in it!
      How is this line of thinking a problem?
      The HEMI, LSx, and Coyote V8 are all gifts from the heavens.

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    New Charger and Durango look great. Nice refreshes on the rest of the line considering the short amount of time and money available. Geez, the refreshes were done in about 12 months! Bodes well for the future new models. Dodge lineup has a nice cohesive look to it. New Fiat based sedan (Hornet?) goes into production next fall.

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    I would like it if the editors provided meaningful captions for the photos.  Or, failing that, at least group the photos by model.  I do, however, really appreciate the use of the Lightbox plugin for the presentation, it makes viewing the photos very convenient.
    As for the cars, not much there for me, but it does look like they’re at least improving the appearance of the interiors…

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    Rod Panhard

    I failed to see anything that compelled me to drive to my nearest Chrysler/Dodge dealership. Sorry.

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    I see progress…slow, but sure progress.

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    The only Dodge I like anymore is the Challenger, but each Dodge product seems to be just warmed over.  Compare this to the rate of product change happening at Hyundai.
    And who puts a shifter near the top of the dashboard?  Is that in the Caravan?

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    I donno, these interiors look pretty crappy compared to the slick PR pics Chrysler released before. I don’t see anything really compelling here.

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    I’ve driven the new JGC, and I would purchase it over any other vehicle in its segment.
    Same with the Challenger. Just something about it.
    I’d much rather have a Charger than a Taurus or the new Regal. Did I see pictures online of a new Charger with a red interior and a clutch pedal?
    The new minivan might finally be as good or better overall than the competition. Yet people still complain.
    Chrysler is doing what they said they would, IIRC. As much as they can, in a short time period, with likely little resources and much public scrutiny.
    Give ’em some credit.

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    Based on the intial spy photos we were seing, I was prepared to hate the new Charger.  Now that I can see the whole thing I think it looks pretty good.  In fact, I think most of the refreshes came out pretty well, too – a lot of the macho (as another commenter astutely put it) has gone away and what we are left with are strong, distinct lines that aren’t over the top. 

    I’ve got to say, the looks of these cars would get me to their dealership.  Whether or not I would buy depends on other factors – but getting people in the door is a good start.

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    Chrysler – most improved car company of 2011. But some people will never be satisfied.
    The more I see the those Charger taillights the more I like it. I was most impressed with the Journey. That has been pretty successful for them in the past, this one will sell even more. *IF* the economy starts to improve next year there is no way that Chrysler is not going to sell over 100,000 units a month. Easy. So that’s good news. TTAC will still have them around to disparage while GM’s stock price slumps.
    You may now return to your regular snarky comments.

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    Haters no longer allowed here. Objective comments only!

    I’m impressed with what Chrysler has been able to do in a pretty short time as well. The main issue they face is their real/perceived lack of quality – specifically, transmissions failing and certain engines’ oil-sludging issues that somehow garnered more negative press than Honda, Toyota and Nissan combined for no apparent reason.

    I hope they succeed.

    For the comment on “Coleman” interiors – this appears to be a spreading issue with all car manufacturers. I guess padded Naugahide is too expensive? Padded or soft-touch materials must be very expensive for the manufacturers to default to all the hard plastic nowadays. I guess the basic charcoal color is cheapest, too? My 2007 MX5 is nothing but hard plastic inside except the seats and little armrests and no one including me complains about that. With a more practical car, though, a little more imagination on interior configuration and materials is certainly in order, considering the cost of vehicles.

    I’m not a Chrysler enthusiast, but: GO CHRYSLER, GO!

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    How much of this newfangled stuff interchanges with the older? I want these plush seats in my 2008.

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    Seth L

    Plenty of decent looking refreshes there, I especially like the new Charger sheetmetal.
    Avenger still looks like a disaster.

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    Build Quality. That’s all the matters. I wonder if they’ve improved the quality of the plastic they use for exterior window trim. I was looking at new Chrysler minivans sitting on the dealers lot last weekend and the trim was 3 different shades of gray/black.
    Whatever, I’ve already bought my last Chrysler product…fool me once, shame on you…you ain’t gonna get the chance to fool me a second time.

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