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Chrysler has announced that the 2011 Fiat 500 1.4 Pop will start at a base price of $15,500 (before destination) with Sport models starting at $17,500 and Lounge versions starting at $19,500. All models are powered by Fiat’s 1.4 liter MultiAir engine, making 101 HP and 97 lb-ft of torque… and luckily the little engine has only 2,400 lbs to move. The base model gets 15″ steelies, cloth and a CD player, while the Sport model adds 16″ alloys, remote keyless entry, cloth/vinyl sport seats and steering wheel, sport suspension and a lightly modified exterior. The range-topping Lounge trim gets 15″ alloys, a Bose stereo, the Microsoft-based “Blue&Me” hands-free media system, premium cloth seats, a glass roof, body-color side moldings and chrome accents as well as a standard automatic transmission and automatic climate-control. Check out the three versions at Fiat USA’s new site… and hit the jump for Fiat’s just-announced list of US-market dealers.

FIAT of Birmingham – AL
Terry Spitzer

FIAT of Little Rock – AR
Steve Landers Jr.

FIAT of Tucson – AZ
John Grant & Doug Moreland

FIAT of N. Phoenix – AZ
AutoNation, Inc.

FIAT of Avondale – AZ
John Grant & Doug Moreland

FIAT of Scottsdale – AZ
Larry Van Tuyl & Coye Pointer

FIAT of Chandler – AZ
Don Luke

FIAT of Irvine – CA
Robert H. Tuttle & Jim Click

FIAT of Costa Mesa – CA
Jonathan Gray

FIAT of Ontario – CA
R.J. Romero

FIAT of San Diego – CA
Joe C. Gardon

FIAT of Thousand Oaks – CA
Andrew P. Shaver

FIAT of Carlsbad – CA
Christopher Baker

FIAT of Roseville – CA
AutoNation, Inc.

FIAT of Concord – CA
Lithia Motors

FIAT of North Sacramento – CA
Carlos Hidalgo

FIAT of Downey – CA
Paul Antepara

FIAT of Long Beach – CA
Bob Davis

FIAT of Palm Springs – CA
Jorge L. Velarde

FIAT of Fremont – CA
Carlos Hidalgo

FIAT of San Francisco – CA
Kent Putnam

FIAT of Puente Hills – CA
Alexander Hwang

FIAT of Torrance – CA
AutoNation, Inc.

Motor Village of LA – CA
Howard Drake

FIAT of Westminster – CO
AutoNation, Inc.

FIAT of Denver – CO
Doug Moreland

FIAT of Hartford – CT
E. Clayton Gengras Jr.

FIAT of Branford – CT
John Lavallee & Robert Lavallee

FIAT of Wilmington – DE
Larry Giacchino

FIAT of Daytona Beach – FL
Randall Dye

FIAT of Sarasota – FL
Donald Osborne & R.W. Geyer

FIAT of West Palm Beach – FL
Jim Arrigo

FIAT of Winter Haven – FL
Ralph Mahalak

FIAT of East Orlando – FL
Frank Rodriguez

FIAT of Sawgrass – FL
Jim Arrigo

FIAT of Clearwater – FL
Alfred Andrews

FIAT of Fort Myers – FL
Frank Galeana Jr.

FIAT of West Miami – FL
Robert Potamkin, Alan Potamkin, & Walter Ritter

FIAT of Winter Park – FL
John Fields

FIAT of Morrow – GA
Don Jackson

FIAT of Newnan – GA
Don Jackson

FIAT of Buford – GA
AutoNation, Inc.

FIAT of Marietta – GA
Fred Brillanti

FIAT of Honolulu – HI
Marc J. Cutter

FIAT of Highland Park – IL
John Fields

FIAT of Schaumburg – IL
Aaron Zeigler

FIAT of Orland Park – IL
Michael Bettenhausen

FIAT of Greenwood – IN
Tom Miller

FIAT of Carmel – IN
Fernando Falcon

FIAT of Gary – IN
Cary Bosak & Skip Bosak

FIAT of Olathe – KS
Steve Landers

FIAT of Louisville – KY
Winston Pittman

FIAT of New Orleans – LA
Raymond Brandt

FIAT of Shreveport – LA
Steve Landers & Denny Rogers

FIAT of Norwood – MA
Peter Catanese

FIAT of Peabody – MA
Brian Kelly

FIAT of Cape Cod – MA
Joe Laham

FIAT of Worcester – MA
Herb Chambers

FIAT of Owings Mills – MD
Jerome Fader

FIAT of Glen Burnie – MD
Creston Tate

FIAT of Gaithersburg – MD
Harry Criswell

FIAT of Frederick – MD
Creston Tate

FIAT of College Park – MD
John Darvish

FIAT of Portland – ME
John J. Quirk

FIAT of Clinton Twp. – MI
Carl Galeana

FIAT of Novi – MI
David Fischer

FIAT of Bloomfield – MI
Bill Golling

FIAT of Inver Grove Hts. – MN
Peter Hasselquist & Jack Shimota

FIAT of Brooklyn Center – MN
David Luther

FIAT of Creve Coeur – MO
Louis Fusz Jr.

FIAT of Cary – NC
Rick Hendrick &
Gerald Desmond

FIAT of Omaha – NE
Mickey Anderson

FIAT of Cherry Hill – NJ
Charles Foulke, Jr.

FIAT of Dover – NJ
Eric Nielsen

FIAT of Somerville – NJ
Albert DiFiore

FIAT of Ramsey – NJ
Ray Van Duren

FIAT of Albuquerque – NM
Patrick Melloy

FIAT of Las Vegas – NV
Carolynn Towbin & Josh Towbin

FIAT of Westbury – NY
Joel Sporn

FIAT of Rochester – NY
Ray Helfrich

FIAT of Orchard Park – NY
Bill Loecher & Scott Biehler

FIAT of Albany – NY
Stanley Metzner & Donald Metzner

FIAT of Patchogue – NY
Gary Brown

FIAT of Manhattan – NY
John Monninger

FIAT of Albany – NY
Stanley Metzner & Donald Metzner

FIAT of Staten Island – NY
Joe Manfredi & Nick Manfredi

FIAT of Larchmont – NY
Alfredo Gulla

FIAT of Brooklyn – NY
John Giuffre Sr.

FIAT of Toledo – OH
Jim Yark

FIAT of Akron – OH
Adam Huff

FIAT of Cincinnati – OH
Robert Reichert

FIAT of Bexley – OH
Bobby & Bill Dawes

FIAT of Youngstown – OH
Bob & Chuck Eddy

FIAT of Strongsville – OH
Gary Panteck & Paul Hrnchar

FIAT of Dublin – OH
Dwayne Hawkins

FIAT of Mentor – OH
James Brown

FIAT of Oklahoma City – OK
Bob Nouri

FIAT of Tulsa – OK
Group 1 Automotive

FIAT of Beaverton – OR
Brad Tonkin & Ed Tonkin

FIAT of Allentown – PA
Frank Gerenser III

FIAT of Greensburg – PA
Paul Schimizzi

FIAT of Downingtown – PA
Jeff D’Ambrosio

FIAT of Wexford – PA
Corina Diehl

FIAT of Langhorne – PA
Bruce Toll

FIAT of Providence – RI
Michael Grieco

FIAT of South Charlotte – SC
Damian Mills

FIAT of Nashville – TN
Gary Mathews

FIAT of Memphis – TN
Al Gossett

FIAT of San Antonio – TX
Ernesto Ancira Jr.

FIAT of El Paso – TX
Mack Massey

FIAT of Houston – TX
Jack Helfman

FIAT of Clear Lake – TX
John Garff

FIAT of Austin – TX
Nyle Maxwell

FIAT of The Woodlands -TX
Alfred Flores & Bruce Glascock

FIAT of Fort Worth – TX
Hershell Hunter

FIAT of Plano – TX
Ray Huffines

FIAT of Sugar Land – TX
Group 1 Automotive

FIAT of Hurst – TX
Conrad Holt

FIAT of Salt Lake City – UT
John Garff

FIAT of Newport News – VA
S. Rick Gallaer, Jr.

FIAT of South Richmond – VA
James Whitten

FIAT of Fredericksburg – VA
James Gramm

FIAT of Norfolk – VA
Bill Shepherd

FIAT of North Richmond – VA
Frank Pearson

FIAT of Sterling – VA
AutoNation, Inc.

FIAT of Seattle – WA
AutoNation, Inc.

FIAT of Vancouver – WA
Richard W. Hannah

FIAT of Tacoma – WA
Phillip W. Bivens

FIAT of Kirkland – WA
Greg Rairdon

FIAT of Milwaukee – WI
John Bergstrom

FIAT of Kenosha – WI
Andy Palmen

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69 Comments on “Fiat 500 Priced From $15,500 to $19,500, 130 US Dealers Named...”

  • avatar

    Man, I can’t wait for a local Fiat dealer to open;  I need some trim pieces for my ’72 124 Coupe.

    • 0 avatar



      Oh, gosh! (Tears in my eyes…) Tell me (snort!) another!

      AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahah.. !!!

      I used to own a couple of FIATs; they were a blast to drive, simple to work on, and (chuckle) even *reliable* if properly sorted. But I have too many frustrated memories of calling the parts guy and being told “Sorry, that item is obsolete.”

      I always thought that was an abuse of the word “obsolete.” The word connotes that something old has been replaced with something newer. But there were no newer FIATs in the U.S. in the 1990s.

      With all of that, I can hardly fault FIAT for abandoning the US at the time; they were clearly not competitive in the U.S. market. And I don’t bear any grudges against FIAT; I hope to own one of these someday (after some depreciation).

      But to *suggest* that FIAT might begin supplying parts for a 38-year old car… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHahahahahah…. (gasps for air)…

      +1 for sarcastic humor!


    • 0 avatar

      I’m glad somebody got it.

    • 0 avatar

      You make me cry. I fear I may cut myself again with another FIAT.

    • 0 avatar

      Once you learn to give yourself tetanus shots, it’s not really an issue.

  • avatar

    Heh… nice one.

    No really, dawg, what’s it cost?

  • avatar

    The website has five pictures in the photo gallery section, none of which show the interior.  Well done!

  • avatar

    BEWARE: Terry Spitzer.
    My Sister worked for him and drove a Ford. While having her oil changed, they forgot to tighten the drainplug– resulting in her purchasing a Chrysler vehicle from the dealership. Not that her T&C(2003 LX, 130k now) is a bad vehicle, mind you– it’s just that someone’s vehicle need not die for them to make a sale.

  • avatar

    Did they have a map handy when they picked locations? Looking at Virginia, they are ignoring most of the state geographically. North and South Richmond? Fredericksburg, which is really just more northern Richmond? Norfolk and Newport News? They’re a bridge apart. Literally. That leaves Sterling as their last Virginia location. I suppose it is supposed to serve the Virginia portion of the exploding Federal payroll, but that still leaves reasonably sized college towns with no FIATs. Charlottesville has always supported big BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Audi dealers, but still doesn’t get any love from Lexus, Acura, Mini and now FIAT. Roanoke is pretty big, but they aren’t on FIAT’s list either, as isn’t the rest of the western half of the state.

    • 0 avatar

      Tiny car, tiny dealer network.  The landscape is still like this for European brands in less-urban areas of the country.

    • 0 avatar
      bumpy ii

      Maybe they put two dealers in Richmond so everyone in Charlottesville can pick up a Fiat while they’re home for the weekend? But really, only one dealer for the entirety of Nova?

      My guess is that this list a list of the Dodge dealers who were willing to jump through whatever silly hoops were required to get a Fiat franchise.

    • 0 avatar

      I don’t think I’d feel safe living 70 miles from my Dodge dealer, let alone from my FIAT dealer. My ex-gf was an early Mini Cooper adopter. BMW(and Mini) of Richmond was very accommodating with new loaner BMWs, but 80 miles each way was far too much of a burden when dealing with modern European quality and engineering, or the complete lack there of.

    • 0 avatar

      They are probably going for less practical populi, who can ignore that this is a Fiat that still needs to prove it can hang with a Honda Fit.  Oh but look, it’s so cute, let me buy one for the station parking…Ka-ching!

  • avatar
    bumpy ii

    “luckily the little engine has only 2,400 lbs to move”

    Only? Only?! Ugh.

    • 0 avatar

      My thoughts exactly. The first-generation neon is laughed at– it had approximately 30-50 more horsepower and weighed the same. Same economy numbers, as well.
      Suddenly, it’s 1994.

    • 0 avatar

      The magazines certainly weren’t laughing at the 132 hp Neon when it came out. Miata drivers weren’t laughing at them on the track either.

    • 0 avatar

      Try telling anyone, in 2010, that you spent 12 happy years piloting a neon sport coupe– taking it to 200,000 miles.
      They’ll laugh in your face.

    • 0 avatar

      100 HP to move 2400 lbs isn’t bad.  Geared right, it’ll move along just fine and get very good fuel economy.
      Not everything needs the bloat we see today in the Civic and Corolla.

    • 0 avatar

      I don’t think I’d feel safe living 70 miles from my Dodge dealer, let alone from my FIAT dealer.

      Young man you’ll never make a proper Conradian Adventurer, like me you are destined to be a slave to your car-dealer  or in my case my Opthomologist.

    • 0 avatar

      Fiat gearing is usually VERY good. However, I think they are 20 hp short for US market.

    • 0 avatar


      I don’t actually have a Dodge. My point was that I wouldn’t want a Dodge without local dealer support even though chances are maintenance parts would be as close as the nearest NAPA. I’ve done the 80 miles each way to the dealer thing with a European car that broke down constantly. It was a major pain, practically a job unto itself. I wouldn’t be surprised if FIATs are no better than Mini Coopers and BMWs when it comes to dependability, and that means I want the dealer right where I can drop the car off on my way to work, pick the car up on my way home, visit at lunch to convey my displeasure with the piece of junk, and be reminded of my mistake by driving past the dealer every day after the car is gone. Being reminded is important, otherwise time heals all wounds and mistakes are made again.

  • avatar

    That’s pretty gutsy, pricing a roller skate at a skateboard price.

  • avatar

    I’ll get these prices and features into TrueDelta’s configurator by the end of the weekend. Maybe tonight if I run out of things to do. Not that that ever happens.
    To generate thorough price and features comparisons between cars:

  • avatar

    Those are the Abarth prices, right?
    Regarding the dealership list, this was a tough sell to make to potential dealers.  It is a big investment to open a stand-alone Fiat dealership (these won’t just be one more brand at the Chrysler store).  I don’t know if they got as many applicants as they hoped for.

  • avatar

    While I’m happy to see that the white interior accents made it across the ocean, what I am not seeing is a manual transmission option. No manual = no sale for me.

  • avatar

    12 colors! Finally! Maybe we will see more color choices offered by others as well. I am am so sick of being limited to variious shades of silver/grey/black.

    • 0 avatar

      I was so set that in a few years, to replace my smart, I was going to get a white one, with the white/red interior. But now that I saw it comes in that dark green with the brown interior, I have a real conundrum now.
      I love Green and its impossible to find it on anything but a Jeep.

  • avatar

    Loaded out at $22.5 and still with the 101 HP engine and 15″ rims.
    A loaded out LTZ Cruze at $24.5 looks darn reasonable in comparison.
    Nice in the mid-level trim at a $16.5K to $18.5K price range.

  • avatar

    So if I want the nicest one I have to have an automatic transmission? This sucks for those of us who really like to shift our own gears. Actually, the sport sounds like a reasonable vehicle, and it’s enough cheaper than the MINI Cooper S to justify the dramatically less power.
    I suspect these will sell.  I’ll take my MINI out to test drive one, but I’m betting I’ll drive away in the MINI. . . . .

  • avatar

    Lots of Specs and info in the always Chryslerific site Allpar.

  • avatar
    Brian P

    I looked briefly at the configurator and I’m not seeing a whole lot of difference between Sport and Lounge trims anyway.
    Love this car! Can’t wait to see one for real, but they’ll need dealers in Canada for that.

    • 0 avatar

      Heated seats only with automatic?  Or what does that mean?  The configurator isn’t very clear on a number of points.

    • 0 avatar

      It means Fiat thinks any American who can afford a high-end 500 will buy an automatic.  True in general, but I’ll bet a significant portion of those who would be interested in a 500 want to row their own gears.  I think about half of Mini buyers go manual, and it’s not because they can’t afford the automatic.
      And yes, the configurator could use some more detailed info.  But I love the animation on the paint!

    • 0 avatar

      You also can’t get the white interior accents with the M/T.

  • avatar

    Oh and the lack of a dealer in Fairfield County CT seems like a huge mistake… Talk about ignoring a prime market!

  • avatar

    2 dealerships “close” at 16-18 miles…ummm…..
    That is actually kind of far.

  • avatar

    Any news of Canadian sales?

    • 0 avatar

      A story in the Windsor Star named 2…count ’em: 2!…local dealers…yay!
      No pricing or configurator yet on the Fiat Canada site…a nice Flash animation but the same lame pix as before.
      I’m waiting on the Abarth, tho’.

  • avatar

    I don’t like flash sites, and Fiat Group seems to love them.
    The renderings of the site don’t favor the car. It looks like a cheap POS, not what I saw in Europe.
    I started playing with the configurator. They offer giallo, which is good, but I couldn’t put the ridiculous checkered flag sticker in the roof and also order the big Thule bag.

  • avatar

    What kind of automatic? What sort of warranty?

    The prices are well, nothing special. Clearly not a Hyundai basher for Chrysler AND isn’t that what Chrysler really needs – not a boutique car?

  • avatar
    Rod Panhard

    Ballsy move going with the “Fiat of Kenosha.” Kenosha is where Renault 9s & 11s were made in the old AMC plant and sold as the Renault Alliance and Encore. Good luck to you guys and gals at Fiat. It could be an interesting choice as a 3rd car, but I think most who can afford a 3rd car remember Fiat. Chryslerizing it and building it in Mexico doesn’t instill a lot of confidence. I hope I’m wrong.

  • avatar

    Wow, I’m surprised that Bill Heard didn’t get a franchise…

  • avatar

    I’m in love.
    Is it okay to fall in love with a car, especially the 500?

  • avatar

    No Abarth SS, no care.
    Good thing I just rebuilt my NA Miata’s engine. Let’s check in in another 200,000 miles, Fiat…unless MX5 loses some weight. Which might be an interesting fight… Be Seeing You.

  • avatar

    Rumor I heard around here was that the Fiat franchise fees were a deal-killer for a couple of dealerships.

  • avatar

    Not much like my 1950s era 500.  That one vibrated so hard that the exhaust pipes kept falling off until I re-tapped the heads and replaced the studs with safety-wired aircraft studs.
    Suicide doors and all, I really enjoyed that car.

  • avatar

    Wow, 3 dealers in the Greater Seattle Area and 2 in Portland. That has to be one of the highest per capita deal count in the county. The PNW was always a good Alfa region.  Nice to see the Tonkin family carrying on the legacy in Portland.

    Abarth? yeah baby! I haven’t bought a “New off the showroom” car in decades. Abarth might change that.

  • avatar

    I wasn’t so sure about this car, as all I had seen were pictures on the net…but now that I’m in Europe for a few weeks, I’m seeing quite a few out on the road and I have to admit to being at least interesting in looking at one when they hit the States.  Interested enough to actually buy one might be a different story, however.  FIAT (okay, willing to give them a break…the FIAT memories of old are well over 20 years aged now), coupled with Chrysler (not the paradigm of high reliability) tossed in with “Built in Mexico” (my Fusion was built in Mexico…and now only four years old I’ve already thrown over $2000 in repairs into it) adds up to some real concerns with the viability of owning an iffy car who’s closest dealer to me is an hour and a half away…

  • avatar

    The prices seem reasonable compared to the MSRP of the Ford Fiesta… the 5-door Fiesta with any options is around $18k based on what I saw at the local dealer.  I’m really eager to drive these when they come to the States.  Now if they only offered the green and red Italian flag stripes for the white cars like they do in the UK…

    • 0 avatar

      Based on the “build your own”, a lot of decals and even interior color choices are available only with certain exterior colors.  I wonder if one done up like this would help make people think of the car as more macho.

  • avatar

    Why do I think that in the US this is destined to be a ladies car, and one of the 5 footish variety sans heels?

  • avatar

    On the build your own site, the Engine block heater seems to have a glow plug icon associated with it. Made me think for a second that they were actually offering a diesel engine. But of course not.
    Nice looking car though. Too bad it costs so much. The only dealer in Maine is right near me, so I’ll check it out in person whenever the dealership has them.

  • avatar

    The price is kinda high. Pay $15,500 for this tin can, not including destination, and you still don’t get keyless entry! WTF, FIAT! This is not Italy any more. This car will sell well at best in the cities like San Francisco (all 2 or 3 of them).

  • avatar

    I personally can’t wait to see them in person.
    When I saw the prices, I thought they were in line with the Fiesta 5 door, the 4 door sedan is less and even there, I think it starts at $14K.
    That said, some corrections.
    If you go into the configurator, click on view details in the pricing box, it’ll list ALL of the standard features of each trim. The Pop is very well equipped for the price, making it a fairly good deal when compared to other similar type cars and infinitely less than the Mini.
    Some of the features standard on the base Pop
    AC w/ micron filtration
    Cruise control
    keyless entry
    heated electric mirrors
    5spd manual
    power doors and locks
    ESC/Traction control
    ABS, 4 wheel disc brakes to name some of the features.
    trip computer
    The Sport gains
    Blue & Me connectivity (I think w/ USB)
    leather wrapped steering wheel
    Bose audio
    16″ alloys
    fog lamps
    the Lounge adds
    Sirrus Sat radio
    automatic climate controls
    fog lights and chrome accents
    From what I gather, the 6spd automatic may well be the dual dry clutch unit talked about and it has a sport shift mode so while no clutch, you CAN shift it if you wish or simply leave it in drive like a conventional automatic.
    Personally, I think for what it offers, the pricing is pretty decent overall and word is, these cars, as is the Panda it’s based on have proven to be fairly reliable in recent years.

    • 0 avatar

      Have you heard any more about the “active” portion of the automatic transmission?  It sounds like there is a sport button and you can program when the transmission shifts, but I don’t know whether to get the idea if this is something done in a computer or on the fly.  The sport button is enough in my mind to convince one that getting an automatic isn’t the dullest decision.  But, paddle shifters would be an expected feature, right?

    • 0 avatar

      The sport button simply tightens up the throttle response, adjusts shifting parameters for pure automatic mode for a quicker response and gives I think more weight to the steering.
      As for the sport shift on the transmission, when you get into the D position, it has an elongated gate with a minus and a plus, the minus above the “D”, the plus below, this is where you shift, you nudge the shifter up to downshift, down to up-shift sequentially and on the transmission is the ESC (electric stability control) on/off button. the TCU (transmission control unit) is inside the housing to help manage this feature, but if you just left it alone, the transmission will act like a conventional automatic.

  • avatar
    Augie the Argie

    I would love to drive one as finally we get a cult car within reach pricewise and with available modern technology. The choice of colors are superb as the seat trims and colors. Not much of a deal in the Lounge version. but sure in the Pop and Sport versions.  I concur with Stevelovescars that is too bad the red white and green flag stripes are not offered in most configurations.

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