thirty five years later

thirty five years later

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    Those Horizon’s were complete pieces of crap. My sister-in-law bought one new and it lasted less then 5 years. It rusted out and the engine needed rebuilt in less then 60,000 miles.

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    Our first new car was a dark blue Omni, 1977 I think the year was. Not a bad little car overall. Interior was kinda cheap and the seats were not very supportive. It did suck a screw into the engine that worked loose from the throttle plate in the carb. Other than the now loose plate jamming the throttle open and a rattle in the engine for a short time (always wondered where that screw ended up, blown out or embedded in the piston?), we never had any really major issues with it. Traded it off for an ’82 Accord, still miss that car.

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